Burmese Sticky Rice

Myanmar sticky rice

Making Burmese sticky rice balls. A" sticky" sticky" rice ball is the most famous dessert in Myanmar (also known as Burma), especially in the New Year season. Here is the simple way to cook sticky rice balls the Myanmar way. Mix the rice and water in a large pot. Burmese Htamanei- sweet sticky rice cake.

Making Burmese sticky rice balls: Set of 8 easy to follow images

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Glutinous rice in a pot

Mingle the rice and tapas in a large casserole. Once it is softened, put the salted ingredients in the pan, stir and set the temperature to high temperature. Let cook for 10 min. Inspect the potholder for 10 min. When all the plumbing has been taken up, turn off the heater.

When there is enough hot and cold running hot tap boil for 5-10 min until all the hot and cold running hot tap liquid is in. Turn off the heating and let the rice stand on the distiller until it is finished to be served. This radiant warmth continues to boil the rice.

Gormandze: Myanmar sticky rice cake

Wash the sticky rice with cool running tap and put into a large pot, bringing to the boil using bay sugars, lemon juice, seaweed, seaweed, minced groundnuts, grapes and toast. When cooked, lower the temperature to the minimum and leave to simmer under cover for about 25 mins. After it was cooked, it took up almost all of the mud.

Take from the stove and leave to rest for 10 minutes covered.2. slightly lubricate a bowl of 9 inches x 9 inches (or similar) and line the base with non-sticky greaseproofer. Carefully mix the rice and place on the cooked meal. Squeeze the rice evenly and compact it.

Spread the peanuts half and the coir over them and slightly pressure them so that they adhere to the top. 1 x 9 x 9 in 9 in rice cakes, approx. 20-25 discs. Look at my other Burmese recipes:

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