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While red and blue spinels have the highest prices, clarity and carat weight can also have a significant impact on the value. Find out more about the factors that make spinel so desirable. Spinell is most abundant in Tanzania, Tajikistan and Burma. They produce the most lively and sought-after spinel gems.

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For a long time, spinel was ignored. Now spinel has become a favorite gem. Colours of spinel can compete with ruby reds or sapphires. They are also available in many other colours and in a wider range of prices than their competitor alumina gemstones. The Spinell Buyer's Guidebook can help you find the right gem for almost any jewel.

Even though the highest prizes are achieved with scarlet and orange spinel, the value can also be significantly influenced by clearness and karatness. Burmese Myanmar always brings added value. IGS Spinel Value List contains pricing policies for spinel purchases with different colour gradations, size and cutting types. The GIA colour correction system uses three qualities: colour shade, colour shade and colour solids.

Primary colours are amber, reddish, amber, mauve, lilac, blu es and more. Clay is the referenced brightness of a colour, from colourless (0) to dark (10). Any other available colors are not written in capital letters and can be further described as "sl" for light and "st" for strong. When purchasing spinels, make sure that the colour grade that has the greatest influence on the purchase is either saturated or "spectral purity".

One could readily assume that one pays five, ten or even twenty time as much per karat for the real lower right hand side gem as for the less satisfied one. The top colour for so-called "ruby spinels" comprises a deep reddish (R) or purple (slpR) shade with a middle shade (5) and a high degree of satiety (5).

More violet colored bricks (P, rP and bP) with mid sounds and high sat. are also much appreciated. Top class spinel is less common than top class rubies, but not so high. Oranges and reds are called "flame spinels". "Top colours for these bricks consist of an original colour with a middle shade (5) and a high degree of satiety (5).

As a rule, it is cheaper to use purple and bluish spinel, unless their colour is very satiated. Of all the bluish rocks, those dyed with buffalo are particularly appreciated for their sheen. The upper colour is made up of a shade of blues (B) with a middle note (5) and a high degree of satiety (5). The upper purple colour is composed of a purple colour (V) with a middle shade (5) and moderate degree of satiety (4).

The spinel is usually relatively stony/grey or rather obscure in shades of violet and azure. Rosa spinel in colours from bubble gum to red and white rose are very popular, especially the Tanzanian fluorescent pins and the pale "open" Myanmar-coloured rosa. Colour changes (from greyish-blue in natural lighting to an amethyst colour in tungsten lighting) are scarce and well known.

The most widespread, least significant colours of spinel are bright to mid-violet rose and bright grey-purple. Each spinel is a gemstone of the II series. A spinel without entrapment or an eye-clean copy will charge a higher one. Small enclosures (only with a magnifying glass visible) must not influence the value of a top colorstone.

Flawless rocks over 3 carat are very seldom, and flawless rocks over 5 carat are very seldom. Starspins, rocks with impurities that produce the asteroid effect, are very scarce and well known. Spinelle can be facetted in many forms to show their vivid colour and sheen.

Opac butterfly and spinel are cabochonsized. Non-transparent swirls are also facetted. Octahedra, one of the most attractive crystalline patterns of spinel, is one of the fundamental forms of it. Spinell is sometimes found at its source, often in metamorphous rocks, in this delicious, naturally occurring form.

For most spinel, the cost per karat is one karat. Big spinel in other colours are available from there. Pricing per ct. rose and lilac spinel is back to three ct. Bluestones are jumping to four ct. Oral-colored rocks are jumping to five ct. Spinell is a long-lasting and faceted jewel with so many colours that a user can probably find a jewel for any of them.

Most of the spinel jewellery on offer today is in the rose and rose colour spectrum. But this may be changed when the different coloured spinel from Africa begins to influence the local markets. So, as dark-skinned markers person mature in quality, so dark-skinned threadwear has. Inexpensive replacement for blacks and a long-lasting, if costly, replacement for blacks.

Spinel pearls are seldom available on the mar... Even though the scarce shades of red and blue still attract the lion's eye, the more frequent, less precious colours are not without admiration. De-saturated purple-pink spinel has inspire an enthusiastic to call the colour "Garden of Eden", as the colour is the same as its unusual colourful hybrids when it sows itself and grows savagely.

There is certainly a spinel with types of stone that range from translucent to obscure - bay, grey, purple, pink and almost colourless - that arouses the interest of people. Currently, spinel buyers can expect that the native strain is generally not handled or improved. However, the use of artificial spinel is very high. Colourless spinel are rare in the wild and are most likely cultivated in the laboratory.

Even amber and purely verdant bricks are probably plastics. Very desirable reddish and bluish spinel can be produced with the flaming process. Up to the nineteenth centuary spinel from Afghanistan and Tajikistan were named ruby because of their colour. You can still find spinel in these areas.

Today Sri Lanka is the most important resource for spinel in precious stone grade on the open air markets, even the scarce type of crystal cyan. Spinella of the highest value is extracted in Myanmar (Burma). She is working on the overburden dumps of the famous Man Sin Sin Mine (Burmese for "pure glass") in Mogok, the spring of the famous "Jedi" spinel.

In contrast to ruby and jadeit, spinel was not the object of US sanction against Myanmar, which ended in October 2016. The Burmese rhododendrons are the nearest to the estimated "blood-red" colour of the ruby. Spinel of fluorescent colour, which are quarried near Namya or Man Sin (Myanmar), are particularly popular because of their bright colours.

Spinel was found near the town of Mahenge, Tanzania, in 2007. This gristle spinel shows pink and orange and reddish orange colours. They' re now competing with Burmese materials in regard to grade. Spinel can also be found in many places in the United States. Spinel have been found in many lands. Further information can be found under "Sources" in our spinel list.

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