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Immediately order the delivery of Golden Burma in San Francisco online! The Bay Area's First Burmese Food Truck. Look at their menu for some delicious Burmese. Burma Superstar information in San Francisco, including description and report, hours, address, phone number and map of Burma Superstar. Check out the menu and reviews for Burmese cuisine in San Francisco, as well as the most popular articles and reviews.

Burmese cuisine in San Francisco

It' been a while since we leave San Francisco and begin our one-year journey. Therefore I am pleased to present you a contribution by Julia from Small World This Is about her favourite San Francisco to you. She shares her selection for the best Burmese meal in San Francisco and I have to say that I totally approve!

Burmese cooking is for me the perfect kitchen for San Francisco. Be it a hot cup of gourdcecurry to keep out cool night time or a fresh tealeaf when the mist begins to clear. In San Francisco we are pampered with a large selection of tasty Burmese dishes, thanks to Burma Superstar, who puts this kitchen on the gastronomic menu of the town, and the Bay Area with the biggest Burmese people.

These are my favourite places to quench my embarrassing Burmese craving for dinner. It' all tasty, but some outstanding recipes include tealeaf lettuce, soggy broth and nano glyi doc (mild pasta with coconuts, curried rices). Be sure to order in your own personal taste so you have an alibi to get more meals than you should.

Burma Superstar's Sisters' B Star is the place to enjoy a looser meal and, if you're fortunate, less waiting. It is also open for lunch, where you can order huevo ranchers and get local food such as bow of the rain.

No admirer of waitin' an hours for dinner? The Burmese red palate with mashed potatoes and curried chickens and pasta with coconuts are very recommendable. At the end of the dinner, the best thing that comes as a suprise is if your bill doesn't cause a stickershock, as in some other Burmese cuisine.

That Burmese place is the top floor in town and the only one that offers Burma superstar serious competitors (I dare say it's even better). A must-have as well as the Mandalay pasta and the Burmese savoury pancakes with sauces.

It is another great way to avoid the long strains of Burma Superstar, but not to give up for the taste. Main courses are tamarindfish with coriander rices, chickens with cloves of cloves of garlic and aromatic herbs. Not as much of a buzz as other Burmese places in the town, but this is a final boon in costume, because you can have a good dinner in a more personal atmosphere and don't need to be worried about rushing through your cuisine.

She is a free-lance author and a Franciscan by birth and upbringing. So what's your favourite San Francisco cafe? View my complete San Francisco Mail compilation in my San Francisco Guide. You can also use a San Francisco city pass to get a 42% discount on entry to San Francisco's best sights.

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