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Myanmar restaurants and menus in Richmond, California. The Richmond Police Department joins the lip-sync. Translation of documents in Burmese in Richmond. Hard questions all, best discussed at Richmond District Restaurant, Burma Super Star. The best restaurants in Richmond.

One bite from Burma

A Burmese-born ( "Myanmar"), Austin Than is hoping to show Richmonders the taste of his homeland when he opens the door to his first Burma Sushi & Salad to Go food shop, Aug. 1, Patterson Ave. 11216, Tuckahoe Village Shopping Center.

"They know Thailand and India, but that's my eating traditions, and I want everyone to know," says 52-year-old Than. Though the Richmond restaurant community is well acquainted with Thai, Lao and China cuisine, it is difficult to find Burmese cuisines.

Richmond, however, is home to a large number of Burmese returnees; they are the fifth biggest group of returnees in Virginia, according to the Virginia Refugee Resettlement Report 2013. Then we are happy to introduce you to the Burmese gastronomy community with more than 100 different flavours from Burma, one of the most varied country in the whole country with more than 100 nationalities.

For many, he believes Burma is best known for its long lasting conflict and the refugees crises. Grünteeblade is a tasty blend of delicious flavours and tastes. In Burmese, known as lahpeet, lettuce was regarded many years ago as an age old icon of peacemaking, and Burma is one of the few places where people not only drink but also eat it.

Burmese Suzhi & Lettuce also serves a lettuce of marinated lettuce - marinated lettuce, crunchy fried blended walnuts, tomato, cabbage, lemon and chilli. "Many Americans have not tried these lettuces, and the US lettuce is so different," says Than. A further speciality in the Ristorante is susphi, which looks like a strange couple, but it is one with which Than, who came to America in May 1997, is very well known.

and now, 20 years later, he's still at it. While the now vet drum was in the upper echelons, he worked for a Hissho Sushi fancier in Charlotte, North Carolina. Hissho was accidentally established in 1998 by Philip Maung, a Burmese by birth, who came to the USA in 1989.

Today, there are over a thousand Hissho-Sushi locations in 41 states, and about 95 per cent of its staff are Burmese, according to the New York Times. Supervising the necklace, Than travelled the length and breadth of the land - Sarasota, Miami Beach and Tampa, Florida; Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio; Boston; and towns in Minnesota - and opened open lunch shops in domestic groceries such as Kroger, Martin's and Publix.

Then in January 2011 he relocated to Richmond to work at the Martin's in the Westpark Shopping Center on West Broad Street. But the impulse to taxi was still there. Then Khin S. Win, also Burmese by birth and co-owner of the new company, agreed that it was the right moment to open his own shop.

Your upcoming, quick and easy going place accommodates some small desks, but will mainly serve as a snack bar. When it comes to sushi, there is a mixture of Nigeri and ashimi, boiled rollfuls, among them Crunchy Shrimp - a homemade hot gravy, crunchy temperura fluffs, masagh (fishrogen) and sea eelsauce - and specialities of the head cook like Crazy Sicy, with a selection of tasty albacore or octopus smoked cod, crunchy temperura, roasted onion, hot sriracha and creamy sauces.

Then he thinks that his years of suspicion and expertise will give him an advantage and know-how that others may not have. Myanmar Salad to Go & Burma Suzhi is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm, Sunday from 10am to 3pm and Monday only.

There is also caterer and large serving tray for parties.

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