Burmese Rice Salad

Myanmar rice salad

Leave Thohk son (rainbow salad): Place rice, vermicellis, egg noodles and potatoes in a large bowl. The Burmese salads, translated as Thoke, Thohk or Thouk, are part of Burmese cuisine. The Burmese chicken salad is a fresh, crunchy treat. Burmese pork noodle salad - very popular dish in Myanmar.

Preparing a plain, satisfactory Burmese rice salad Food/Drinking

Singapore, September 15 - Bryan Koh agrees to share a prescription for Htamin Thoke from his cookery book 0451 Morningings Are For Mont Hin Gar. Additives such as ferment soybean powders and leek are readily available at market and Peninsula Plaza. Put the boiled rice in a dish. Ferment the soybean powders, added virgin groundnut seed oils, tamarinds waters and sauces.

Rice should be well clothed but not oily.

Myanmar Rice "Salad" recipe (htamin lethoke)

The other good reasons to like this dish is that there is hardly any boiling and you could use any vegetable you have in the refrigerator, boil enough of the staple foods and store them in the larder for later use. Boil rice in your own way. 1 cupped pot of olive peppers to prevent the olive oils from becoming too warm or the peppers from burning.

Immediately drain the oven and cover the rice with the olive oils (not the pepper that settles on the bottom) and mingle well. Preheat 1 teaspoon of olive butter and half of the chopped scallions and the whole chopped fine cloves of apple lightly toast. Preheat the frying pans and put in the chickpeas mixture (mizzen) and sauté lightly.

Bring to the boil with boil and let the cut potato drip off. When using dry pasta, boil until tender and let drip off. Put warm springwater over the micelli and soften it and let it drip off. Put all the vegetable with the remaining onion on a large serving dish. Put boiled potato, pasta and rice in seperate trays or on a large serving dish.

Put all spices - crushed shrimps, roasted chickpeas powders, melted tamarinds, bulbs and cloves in olive and chili shells. Put a portion of rice, pasta, vegetable and a tablespoon or more of each spice on a dish or basin and blend well with your finger. To get a drier consistency, increase the chickpeas powders.

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