Burmese Restaurant Vancouver

Vancouver Burmese Restaurant

Burmese traditional and authentic cuisine. Only a handful of Burmese restaurants in Vancouver. Burmese restaurant Gem in Vancouver. There are three in Vancouver: Articles about Burmese food by Su-Lin.

The Amay House: Myanmar Cuisine in Vancouver

Amay's House is a Burmese restaurant in Vancouver. There' s only a fistful of Burmese restaurants in Vancouver. She was raised in Burma, so she is very upset when she visits a Burmese restaurant. This restaurant isn't that nice. It' always my favorite in any Burmese restaurant, the crisp textured coffee bean goes well with greengrocer.

Great Prata with chicken Curry ($6.50) is crispy on the outside and when immersed in the whole crème it is quite good. Pasta salad ($7.50) is made with eggs pasta, prawn powders, beans, Tamarindsauce, kale, onions and coriander. It' coming with a clear bowl of broth by its side.

Both Chicken Satay ($6.50) and Beef Satay ($6.50) come with 3 of each. Mohinga fish noodle soup ($7) has rices, Welsbrühe, lemon grass, coriander, roasted Garlic and roasted channa daal chit. It' a basic foodstuff of Burmese cooking! We' re ordering this meal as a basic test in every Burmese restaurant to see how good or not.

7-dollar omelette soup with eggs, coir milks, curried chickens, onions and fryer. All in all quite good Burmese cuisine here, but since it was a strenuous Friday, the services were scarce. As soon as the order was in, the nutrition came out at a steady pace. i still choose toWahh tee.

Burmese Best

Yes, we made it to Victoria Drive and Amay's House - a stop at this restaurant was at the top of my "wish list" for a long time. Most of the time we spent on foot and recorded all the places of interest and noises from several parts of this area of Victoria Drive, we set off to Amay's for dinner.

As we were welcomed at the front doors when they opened at 11am, we were sure we were prepared for a new and delicious dining experience. Prata - crunchy, and we ordered it with potatoe crème and side salads. Myanmar Leaf Broth (Laphet Thoke) - leafy teas, tomatoes, cabbages, various kinds of green peas and walnuts.

I' d really been looking forward to trying this lettuce (a'characteristic' of them) and was awarded with such generous aromas and different tastes. It was a real tasty treat. Biryani (Danbauk) - fried marinaded chickens, basmati rices, spiced with safran, clove, lavender, laurel and herbs.

Aubergine - aubergines, chilli belchant, shrimps, basil leaf, homemade creamy chilly salad with stewed soya. Women like and appreciate eggplants more than I do, so this was really their meal, and they really did enjoy it. With the exception of one or two sauces, nothing was kept on the plates to go back to the galley or home.

Char Kway Teow - plain noodles, blended dry noodles, chilli belchant, beans, shrimp, eggs, smoked sausages, covered with chives. We tasted the meal so well cooked (tasty, delicious and very nice and clearly spiced) and presented it. Amay's House offered a very pleasant and entertaining meal for our latest Victoria Drive game.

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