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Myanmar Restaurant uk

Lahpet Burmese restaurant reopened in Shoreditch It was first opened in 2016 as a residence on Maltby Street Market before moving to a more sustainable location in London Fields in Hackney. We bring Burmese cooking to the forefront by concentrating on the cuisines that are omnipresent throughout Myanmar and giving them a hint of sophistication," they say on their website.

Tapa's revolution recently saw two new locations in the northwest of England in Chester and on Halle Place, the new 11 million pound grocery district at the Arndale project in Manchester.

The young cook was prompted by Gordon Ramsay to establish his own Burmese restaurant in Huddersfield.

An accidental encounter with star cook Gordon Ramsay gave an additional impulse to a young chef's dream of establishing his own restaurant. This couple gathered at the University of Huddersfield, where Ben studied Criminology and ran Myinzu CEM. Some years ago Ben and his father Mike went to London to see Gordon Ramsay's restaurant - and the man himself was just there.

He was trained as a cook and Mike got a picture of them together. He also worked at The Green Bottle on King Street in Huddersfield - the place is now being renovated as Cafe Mandalay. "When The Green Bottle shut down, I chose to take my opportunity. We' ve been looking at the rooms since December and received the rental contract last Monday (2 April).

Ben's restaurant has 40 seats and a lightweight, breezy atmoshere. There are Burmese language meals with British translations on the menus, such as poultry pasta and stewed beef. Guests who know Burmese and Thai cooking would find Burmese cooking even more to their liking, he said.

As Ben heads the cuisine, he is hoping to hire a number of part-time employees in front of the building and an apprenticeship cook in the first year of work.

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