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Sidney Burmese Restaurant

Traditional Burmese restaurant with contemporary influences that guarantees you a unique dining experience. In my opinion, one of the best Burmese restaurants in Sydney. In my opinion, one of the best Burmese restaurants in Sydney. Today Pete and I had lunch in a cheap and cheerful Burmese restaurant in the suburb of Strathfield in Sydney. but this restaurant tastes the best.

Love this first Burmese cuisine review of The Burman Kitchen, Sydney, Australia

It was our first attempt at Burmese cuisine and we really enjoy it. She helped us to find the Burmese specialities. This marinated lettuce was a delicate and very special one. Mae?hey ( "chicken flow pasta dish") had a powerful snail, which was not very pleasing to our olfactory bud.

She said that she suggested the court not only because of the stench. Ask for one of the lettuces or one of the dishes you have tasted there. Outstanding rates, outstanding surcharges. A meal, sorry, something fritted with shellfish was a little greasy, but maybe that was our overnight, ready to try it again).

Park a dream in view of the other (excellent) resaraunts in da hood! Families meals - both Aussie and Burmese guests who have ensured us that the meal is genuine. The Burmese kitchen is more refined than the traditional ones and relies on one or two herbs per meal (not to forget gingerbread, onions, not to mention onions as a base) and not on a variety of flavor.

I was not disappointed in this enchanting Burmese restaurant. Every piece on the plate was one of a kind and a delicacy. Since the restaurant is small, I suggest you make your reservation before your departure. I just came to a friend's anniversary dinner and the dinner was fantastic. We just got word that the restaurant Newtown (King St, across from Dendy) is relocating in 6 week's from now. We are looking forward to it being nearer to home.

That restaurant in Sydney is coating Burmese Soulfood: a speciality: For SBS foods

In Myanmar, if you have never been there, it is likely that Burmese food has not yet reached your taste buds. Located in Southeast Asia, this once insulated land is full of unparalleled flavors, tastes and style - it is the converging of kitchens from a variety of ethnical groups spread between the oceans, rivers and rainforests.

Luckily, you don't have to get on a flight to taste Burmese cooking. Sydney sider Lay Lay Naing opened The Burman Kitchen in September last year after he noticed a clear shortage of available Burmese restaurants in Sydney. Previously, she prepared Burmese food just for her families and boyfriends. In 1988 Naing relocated to Australia with her husbands after being served local food in her mother's busy restaurant in Myanmar's biggest town, Yangon.

She kept the familiy in her business: her sister-in-law Tin Tin Tin Khine runs The Burman Kitchen with 15 years of executive management in Sydney. Parents are sharing large plates of meats and vegetable with broth and travel. Burmese cuisine provides a colorful reception on the dinner table; the zakor-htamine, which is also a trip through the countryside, is a giant tablet with a variety of Myanmar's local tradition of biting over a hand-woven table.

There is so much cultural and historical on this dish that it is best to ask Khine for a trip. Aka Burmese breakfasts, it is mainly seafood noodles. Burmese men almost always have all other kinds of beef. "In Myanmar, the traditional way of overboiling food is because the heat affects the meat," she says.

However, hundreds of years of boiling over means that the kitchen has adjusted wonderfully. Preserved tealeaves are indigenous to Myanmar and somewhat sacred: from a historical point of view, presents from the city of Lahepet were used as a sacrifice for war. You can order the lettuce as a side salad - it is cute, hazelnut and at the same tasting, with crunchy and smooth finish.

In Myanmar, coconuts are only served for dessert: Burmese shaving rice with a touch of hazelnut and evaporated water is an enjoyable delicacy. Burman Kitchen is open Tue - Sun, 11 to 21 pm.

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