Burmese Restaurant Seattle

Seattle Burmese Restaurant

And Vancouver is also home to some of the best Burmese dishes in North America. The Kedai Makan is a Malaysian food stand in Seattle, Washington offering authentic Malaysian food and street cuisine. Soli is a return to Thailand - a departure from your normal expectations of Thai food in Seattle. I've never missed an opportunity to eat Burmese food, I can tell you that. The best Burmese food in Northern California.

Seattle is lacking three kitchens (none of which are Mexican)

Xi'an-style pasta, local bread roll broth, the ethnic uncooked meat meal Kitfo: It is undeniable that Seattle has a number of kitchens from all over the globe that could be used as Epcot centers for the fashionable gourmet, but there are some truly spectactul. There is no place here to grind through the acid sparkle of a Burmese tealeaf lettu, shovel mellow foufu through Ghana cattle stews sharp enough to remove color, or chill the similar warmth of Sri Lankan cuisine with the fleecy, bowl-shaped pancakes known as funnels.

"There is no good food in Seattle," every new transplantation chorus I hire until they assure me they ate at SeƱor Moose, barbecue at La Conasupo, a tortoise from El Quetzal and fried chick at El Paisano. Maybe it is truely the case that we do not have the area you are looking for (often Tex-Mex or Cali-Mex, I have found), but there is good Mexico cuisine.

We will never have good Mexico cuisine until the villages can make madrasas from Masas on order, but that is another tale. "To Vancouver, Go to Vancouver," is the general counsel that nutritionists give to those who are looking for good value maniacs, but it could also apply to Sri Lankan cuisine. Vancouver House of Dosas is serving the kind of Sri Lankan shrimp red wine that eclipses the world-famous Singaporian style, alongside cotthu, a roasted ricecourt made with red wine and minced red-bred instead of rices.

There are a few other Sri Lankan eateries in Vancouver, but the next Seattle is unfortunately the great southern India meal at Chili's on the Ave. And Vancouver is also home to some of the best Burmese dishes in North America. Like the land, the kitchen is at a watershed of inspiration from India, Thailand and China.

However, there are a few things that are Burmese and Burmese, especially the lettuce that so many Seattleites wish to find here. It is another not-so-distant place to get Burmese cooking, but unfortunately Seattle is infertile. However, these choices are nearer than the next Ghana meal that will require a journey to Los Angeles or Chicago.

Seattle had Ghanaian cooking for a brief time in the shape of hotpots and starch from the cooking of the later dancing team. It' s been years since I last felt the burning of Ghanaian kra pot; it stingers that I can't find the cooking here if I settle for Senegalese or the less similar but also tasty KENYA dishes in the Safari Njema Restaurant in Columbia City.

I am often surprised by Seattle with gastronomic gems like libanese at Cafe Munir, Cambodia at Queens Deli and Poland at Dom Polski, but there are still a few kitchens I can find in my home in an hours time. While I keep appreciating the great kitchens we have and fighting those who are complaining about Mexican cuisine, I will keep fantasizing about fermentations, aromatic stews and the wonderful curry of Sri Lanka.

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