Burmese Restaurant San Rafael

San Rafael Burmese Restaurant

A Burmese restaurant in San Rafael, California. Swe Myanmar Burmese Restaurant added a new photo to the album:

Burmese Unique Jasmine at Northgate Mall Food Court - San Rafael - Restaurants - San Francisco

Recently opened at the Northgate Mall in San Rafael, Unique Jasmine offers Burmese and Mandarin selection from the delicatessen. But many of Burma's courts that are stuck on the headline are currently unavailable. They belonged to a Burmese couple and said they had chosen not to offer the entire Burmese cuisine.

Their husbands said they need to tell people about Burmese cuisine and that they will have more articles when the store gets going again. In my brief period at the bar, five out of six clients voted from the China side of the desk. We have a rented chef preparing the Burmese meals, and the Burmese cooks.

and they were liberal in providing flavors impaled on a tooth pick before making a choice. This steamer shows the Burmese selection: chickens, curries and curries. We sampled a piece of soft but coarsely structured veal in a soft reddish creamy coulisauce.

Then I tried the coir which contained pieces of bony, skin-less femur in a smooth, coirye color. So I ordered the chickens and plucked pasta as my side for $5.99. Spoon a little bit of special marmalade over the pasta. I' ve been telling the owner I'd like to try the whole thing in the near distant past.

Loaf & Butter: Two new Burmese eateries welcomed in New Year's Eve

You no longer need to traverse a viaduct to enjoy Burmese cuisine. Recently two new eateries were opened in Marin. In November, Shwe Mayanmar opened at 810 B Street in San Rafael and served the yelping yelp of pleasure a samosa, tea leaf lettuce, roti and pasta. Specialty Association 2015's Fancy Show 2015 is being held at Moscone Center from January 11-13.

It' a forerunner of everything great in the next year's grocery industry, with trends and showcasing their latest and most innovation. A lot of marine contractors like Marin French Cheese, 18 Rabbits Muesli and Three Twins Eiscreme will participate and distribute specimens and bring their latest product to market.

For more information and a listing of exhibiting companies, please visit www.specialtyfood.com. There is a large choice of beer, wines and coctails served at the restaurant and you can enjoy delicious meals such as roast chickens, spiced rolls of tuning fish, burger and a sandwich.

We had barely opened the Cuban restaurant El Chevere in San Rafael at the end of 2014 when it ended, another casualty of the lively restaurant operation. is a free-lance nutritionist, weblogger and prescription advisor. Do you have the latest on cooks, eateries and other delicacies?

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