Burmese Restaurant San Jose

San Jose Burmese Restaurant

Receive directions, reviews and information about Kyusu Burmese Cuisine in San Jose, CA. So I stumbled across this place because the restaurant next door (which. Burmese cuisine restaurants in Willow Glen, San Jose. Will Burmese cuisine be the new Thai? The Silicon Valley.

South Bay Great Burmese Cuisine - Review of Kyusu Burmese Restaurant, San Jose, CA

In view of the prices, the diversity of extraordinary and high standard flavours in this Burmese restaurant it should become a "must try" evening. He' s committed to flavour. That Burmese goat was out of stock that time. It was very reasonable. I' m giving it 5 because the qualtity of the flavor, beats above its point of priceworth.

Burmese Cuisine 1312 Saratoga Ave San Jose, CA Restaurants

Nice little Burmese place on Saratoga Avenue, I went to the Nordstrom Rack with my boyfriend and wanted to have a morsel. Here is the tip for those who want to enjoy Burmese cuisine ("authentic Burmese food"). This restaurant has a different look than most others. Instead, they structured the desks like single "rooms", which are subdivided by pearl blinds.......

I like this place, especially the pasta with coconuts, the lettuce with tealeaf and the Burmese pie with Icecream. But I can't always make it to SF or Oakland, so I'm very lucky to have a great opportunity around. And I tripped over this place because the restaurant next to it (.....

Kyu Burmese cuisine, San Jose - was anyone there? - Restuarant - San Francisco

I' ve been reading about Kyusu Burmese Cuisine from Silicon Valley Metro. Much of the recipe is rooted in his mother's cuisine from the Shan state of Burma. Stuff to try there: tealeaf, Seik Tar Chet oka goats casserole, Shan Kuak Swe - chickens pasta broth, pig meat, vegetables, groundnuts, $8.5 cloves; toofu gyaw - roasted toofu aperitif that looks like $5.5 crackers; roasted turkey $8.5 - his momsýpersonal cocos, roasted chickens in cute & tan curd

The Rangoon Ruby of Palo Alto

Will Burmese cooking be the new Thai? A Burmese restaurant in San Jose has invited guests to join them. The restaurant is named Sweetango. It is run by Cindy Liu and Jimmy Wang. This appetizer is a tasty Burmese tealeaf lettuce, and the meal is full of curry and manual. Rangoon Ruby now comes to Palo Alto, headed by Win Aye and Win Tin, who used to cook superstar venues in East Bay, Burma.

Watch out for aromatic roast pork and cabocha casserole, as well as curry and tealeaf greens. Burmese traditions, the burmese green pepper is a mixture of Burmese tealeaves, roasted cloves of clove, roasted tomatoes, roasted sage and tomatoes thrown with a sauce of cinnamon. Yangon Ruby, 445 Emerson Street, Palo Alto. The hostel is open every day for lunches and dinners (closed in between).

1040 Willow St., San Jose. The hostel is open every day for lunches and dinners (closed in between). Goodbye, Palo Alto: Palo Alto's Shokolaat enthusiasts will be sad to learn that her favourite restaurant was shut down last week-end and that a magnificent restaurant will not move into the room. Sunflower has 37 shops, but this is its first Bay Area Ventures; three more shops - in Mountain View (630 San Antonio Road) and San Jose (1130 Branham Lane and 5205 Prospect Road) - will open soon.

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