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San Francisco Burmese Restaurant

Myanmar restaurant in San Francisco, California. Locate all Burmese restaurants you serve. Myanmar restaurant in San Francisco, CA. Burmese cuisine restaurants in the Financial District, San Francisco. The best Burmese restaurants in San Francisco are now delivering.

One guide to six of Burma's San Francisco eateries.

The article is a review (no ranking) of six Burmese restaurant in San Francisco. A few of my mates and I were in San Francisco in the last few day of 2012, and we were awaiting a call from Burma superstar. "I said, just supper at the Burma Superstar." In fact, supper at the Burma Superstar is an night for both good and evil reason.

"He also calls Clement St. Boutique or Green Apple Books and has a mobile phone across the road for a beers. Burmese superstar is not my favourite in the beach area, but when I visited my buddies who asked for Burmese food, it made the most sense, because despite all the hustle and bustle, Burma superstar could still be the most open restaurant of its kind; there are places on both sides of the cove, the tea leaf salad can be ordered vegeterian and the menus include non-Burmese products for the choosier eater.

Or, as an elderly man next to our desk, relieved to try his meal, said: "Oh, cool, it tasted like Panda Express. Yet Burma Superstar is definitely a problem. Waiting in line for the en-suite room and trying to keep out of the private area of the adjoining desks, I wondered: Why should I live in S.F. after two years and try various Burmese eating places to get back to it?

Most of the meal is quite tasty*, which becomes either an antivenin or a reflection on a strenuous time. Neither is Yamo, a Burmese fatty in the Mission District, as unlike Burma superstar as possible - and yet no less San Francisco. Indeed, if it were possible to design a restaurant that combines both, this mythic being could summarize "San Francisco dining" as its broadest symbol.

When Burma's superstar needs to eat to make up for his mistakes, Yamo relies on him. The fact that the Yamo meal can be described as delicious* is less proof of the gastronomic performance than of the rareness of proper fatty spoonfuls in San Francisco. I found out that Yamo's meal is best when pasta is served with either veal mix or broth.

Yamo's menus stand out from other Burmese eateries because of the subdued character of the "Burmese" qualified, apart from the five dollars limit. While Yamo can only achieve the same level of popularity with China cuisine, Burma Superstar's menus never miss an occasion to emphasize Burmese specialties and cuisine. The Larkin Express Burmese cuisine strives for.

Larkin Express is in many ways a trade-off between Burma's two most beloved places. It is a leap up and a few dollars more than Yamo, while the polishing of Burma superstar is missing. The fact that Larkin Express does not agree with the success of his colleagues has more to do with the position of the Civic Center than with the price-performance relationship, a destiny that many institutions in the underestimated grocery stores around the Tenderloin have in common (see: Little Saigon and "Tandoor" loin).

As the Burmese Cuisine luncheon is condemned to always have Yelp! feedbacks that compare it to its more celebrated rivals, Larkin Express merits standing at least as a more convenient and stew-based* alternate to Yamo. Burmese cuisine Currys are nearer to Burmese cuisine than other Burmese cuisine.

Myanmar superstars only true rival is just a few blocs away in the Richmond District. Burma's first restaurant in San Francisco is still a favorite among the well-informed, but a lost trend setter in the San Francisco restaurant world. The Mandalay Restaurant is a rarity in a town where the frenzy usually goes beyond the subject of debate.

My second favourite Burmese restaurant* has a sense of "just right". Featuring a prize label and a finish that resembles the street super star, Mandalay is a fun supper without having to leap through the necessary tires on Clement Street. His mistakes may be similar to Larkin Express; even four units further than Burma Super Star could be too far away from the right buses and right bars. No. The right buses are too far away.

Daly City is far away from the real buses, but the peninsular drivers find more Burmese cuisine at the San Francisco gateway. Yelp! star brings the visitor to Burma Cafe, a young restaurant that brings Larkin Express' promising use of Burmese Day to a shopping centre with lots of space.

Burmese dinner in San Francisco* is a safe, courteous and neat place to dine. There' s not much more to say about Burma Cafe than about Mandalay. While the former may arrive in a few dozen years, Burma Cafe is a menace to the Bay Area until then, as Burmese cuisine is becoming as omnipresent as Thai cuisine in L.A. dialogues made me vote for Burma superstar when my boyfriends wanted to go to a Burmese restaurant in December 2012.

Of course, there is more to say about Burma Superstar than other similar places in the town, even though the debate is seldom about eating. It could be argued that Burma Cafe, not Burma Superstar, is the most open Burmese restaurant in the Bay Area.

It is also no secret why Burma Superstar draws more shops than the equally delicious Mandalay Restaurant. In San Francisco, it's becoming less and less important which restaurant has the best cuisine. It' about which restaurant deserves its own hash tag on Twitter. Burma Cafe's Curses are a big success, but Chicken Briyani is a sure way to secure your game.

I also like my restaurant in the Bay Area in Daly City. It' not the best Burmese restaurant. The Yelp! star will probably be less spectacular than the other Burmese option in San Francisco. There will be inconsistencies in the way we eat. Burmese cooking in San Francisco is not so unrepeatable that it has earned its tragic fashionable position in this area.

The Burmese kitchen is not enough of a shock to cope with the frenzy and frenzy. The Burmese kitchen is a convenience staple that somehow caused a stir in a town serving it in unpleasant places. My favourite Burmese restaurant is Little Yangon because it doesn't regard Burmese cooking as strange.

In Little Yangon, Burmese eating is just convenience food*. It may not be as interesting as San Francisco. Eating doesn't always have to be a dialog. This chickens chocolate broth embodies the convenience of Burmese cooking. You can' t goof in any Burmese restaurant when you order chickens, coconuts, or stock.

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