Burmese Restaurant San Diego

San Diego Burmese Restaurant

Sharing your favorite finds in San Diego! Locate menus, reviews, maps and delivery information for Burmese restaurants in San Diego. Wish we had a house like this in San Diego. Remember to visit Burma Love in San Francisco? This is Nico C.

San Diego, CA.

Myanmar lettuce salad

That Burmese tea leaf salad could be your next delicious gastronomic experience. Burmese eating has just a minute for each of you Oriental dinner junkie out there. You may have seen how many Burmese places appear recently in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, we don't seem to have one in San Diego (or if we do, it's very well concealed from me!), but I'm still awaiting the southern trends to expand.... But of course, as a local Asiatic edible addict, I seem to be boundless when it comes to getting my latest cravings for Asiatic cuisine.

So I often ask for Burmese cuisine when we go to the bay. So, what the hell is Burmese tealeaf lettuce? No, it's not a leafy tealeaf one. Tealeaf portions are not the part of salads, but the "dressing" part.

Its taste is very spicy and soily soil, the fruit of week-long maceration of the leafs below the surface. Noteworthy - according to our youngest waitress, US rules on safe eating forbid subterranean digestion so that they can get by with an above-ground tank for the herbs. Irrespective of the methodical rigour, the fermentated sheets are extremely tasty.

Mine is more of a fake digestion because I didn't really know I was safe in my ability to ensure safe aliment. It consists mainly of flavoured tealeaves flavoured with aromatic substances and marinaded in olive oils and almonds. Thought it had an astonishing flavour and while an exper would probably be able to make a little bit of a distinction, the results were still marvellous!

Apart from that, it would not be a Burmese tea leaf lettuce without the inclusion of many "crispy pieces" in the aroma. Once your ingredients are put together, throw the lettuce with the dressings, press a large amount of freshly squeezed lime over your lettuce and enjoy this unparalleled Burmese cuisine.

½ a mug of bulk organic Sencha teas (I used Two Laves Organic Sencha; I suggest any kind of organic Sencha teas without colouring and the larger the bulk sheet, the better/typical is the quality). Prepare your tealeaves at least 1 day in advanced. Place loosely sliced sheets in a middle dish. Fill the sheets with boiled hot tap and leave to stand for 10 min.

Pluck the unfolded foliage and throw away any visible branches or wooden stalks. Press out the tealeaves to remove surplus moisture. Put the sheets in the dishwasher or mixer. Fill the mix into a reservoir and store in the fridge for at least 24 hours - preferably after cooling for 2-3 years.

First, roast the cloves of lettuce. Roast over moderate temperature until the cloves turn a pale bay toasted colour. Put 3 tbsp of the tealeaves in the middle of the lettuce. Shortly before being served, press 1 lime wedge over the whole dressing and throw all together; stir well to cover the herbs.

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