Burmese Restaurant Palo Alto

Palo Alto Burmese Restaurant

Asian Fusion, bars, Burmese. Ratings can only be given by guests who have eaten in this restaurant. Rangoon Ruby restaurant in Palo Alto this weekend. Here you will find directions, reviews and information about Burma Ruby in Palo Alto, CA. The Palo Alto Brewing Company von Atlas Double IPA.

Yangon Ruby quoted by the state for underpaid laborers

Rancisco - A beloved Burmese restaurant group in the Bay Area and another Burmese restaurant are faced with heavy penalties for supposed payroll injuries affecting several hundred employees, the state labour commissioner's agency said Thursday. Rangoon Ruby Burmese Cuisine, which has sites in Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Carlos, Burlingame and Belmont, was quoted by the labour inspector for $4.96 million for underpaid work.

The other restaurant, Kome Japanese Seafood & Buffet in Daly City, faces $5.16 million in pay thefts. The restaurant proprietors could not be contacted immediately for comments. It opened an inquiry after having received grievances from employees who had communicated their concern to the AJC.

Workers' representative's agency said the Rangoon Ruby and Burma Ruby restaurant group, which belong to Max Lee and John Lee, had 87 chefs on a regular pay, but usually worked more than 10 hour extra work per week. 2. Workers must pay extra time unless they comply with the exemption test laid down by national and state Acts.

It has instructed the restaurant to present the chefs with a $3.8 million bill for hourly outstanding salaries, minimal salaries and a default, detailed salary cards and other fines. Other restaurant staff, such as 211 server, waiters, hosts, dishwasher and buses, did not receive the additional hours of minimal salary needed every day when an employers plans them for splitting shift, the labour representative said.

Cookers, Sushi cookers and dishwasher were on fixed salaries that did not cover long term payment for the 55 h a weeks they usually worked. It is obligated to provide them with nearly $3 million in salaries and fines, and an extra $1.4 million in overheads, server and fines for extra work time and salaries, which are not legal in California, as part of the penalty rate.

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