Burmese Restaurant Ottawa

Ottawa Burmese Restaurant

Only Burmese restaurant in Ottawa. It is the only Burmese restaurant in Ottawa to do quite well on its own and is not missing compared to other Southeast Asian restaurants in the city. Asiatic, Burmese, Vegetarian, Vegan. You are invited for a gastronomic exploration of authentic Burmese cuisine. You can use your Uber account to order a delivery from Rangoon Restaurant in Ottawa.

Real Burmese food, I suppose. - Re-view of Rangoon Restaurant, Ottawa, Ontario

I' ve never had a Burmese kitchen before and thought we should try this place on a Tuesday evening. Sautéed consommé was served with homemade cooking, as well as broth made with fresh lentils. Elapsed egg roll vegetarians were nothing unusual. Well, I could find the equivalents or better at every nook and cranny of a restaurant in Vietnam. The starter was her poultry crème.

I' d say it is very similar to East India and not Thai cuurry. Overall, if you want to say that you've tried Burmese cooking, try it. Someone in Ottawa who is constantly disillusioned with most of the places here, this place is astonishing. It' s really delicious, like a mixture of Thai and Hindi cooking.

We' had poultry crème, pumpkin, lentilsoup, chocolate and egg roll. There is a friendly and alert staff and the meals are great. Yangon specialises in Burmese cuisine - if you've never tried it before, don't bother with anything you know about Asiatic cuisine. Especially the egg roll was very good.

It was fantastic - more like a boyfriend or a family member than a small café, they assisted us in choosing the meals and explaining how they were (we had never tasted Burmese before) and making sure everything was just that. Have you been to the Rangoon Restaurant?

Yangon - the only Burmese restaurant in Ottawa - Sandra and the Works

When we came in to get away from the cold climate, we were immediately surrounded by the heat and smile of a nice woman who ran the restaurant, who was later to declare Rangoon to be a home-run restaurant. If you are looking for a restaurant that gives you the chance to know a little more about the land and the food you are going to enjoy.

KilPyentkyaw - Burmese egg roll. Crisp and fresh with a tasty dip-grain. It was a very different stuffing from spring roll from Vietnam, which was a delight! It is the Gin Thoke with grated gingerbread roots, kale, tomatoes, fried cloves of roast cloves of peanut, pea and lemon and sesameseed. As I recall, this lettuce didn't have the'ginger punch' I was expecting, but it was still delectable!

That was the meal I was most looking forward to, a Burmese aperitif traditionally known as laphet thoke with fried tealeaves, salad, tomatoes, fried cloves and groundnuts, green coffee-bean, pea and lemongrass. I' m really happy to have the only Burmese restaurant in Ottawa.

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