Burmese Restaurant Orange County

Orange County Burmese Restaurant

Burmese, bubble tea, vegetarian. When you read this, think of this restaurant and you've never tasted Burmese food, don't think, just go. Irarawaddy Taste of Burma - Order food online - 877 photos & 369 votes - Burmese - 7076 Katella Ave - Stanton, CA - Phone number - Menu

Cheerful, vigorous and effective services combined with delicious local cooking. I and my family were looking for a good restaurant near my daughter's new university. We' re satisfied with Burmese eating, but we're pleased we did. Hidden in a Smart n Finale retail centre, Irrawaddy offers exquisite dining with truly welcoming services.

But it was good and tastes like curried potato puree, covered in a thin coating and fritted to a crisp. Serve with a spicy dip-grain. We' re sharing three starters and a small salt. La Phat Thote comes with groundnuts, lenses, fried cloves of apple, tomatoes, sesame seeds, tomatoes, romaine green pepper leaves, chickpeas with lemon leaves and lemon juice.

The chickpeas we had roasted were the best meal of the evening. It was a very good idea to have a soft gravy and big prawns. It was my missus who used to love lox with coconut-lime sauces. And we were happy about the tealeaf-laamb. Things were going great with her flawless batmati riceba.

The meal wasn't too poor, but it was expensive for what you get; you really need more than one dish that each one of you shares. Tealeaf salad: was okay, kind of boring...maybe there weren't enough tealeaves. Mon Hinga: tasty and tasty tofu curry: tomato-based ginger bread was very tasty pork nuggets: to the point....crispy and tough environment: it was superbly cool inside, as needed to carry a lightweight coat cool, while it was superbly outdoors.

I' m liking the meal here so far, but the prices seem pretty high, especially for the serving. I' ve only had past experiences with two other Burmese places and that was a few years ago, so I don't know what is now regarded as a sensible rate. It is the best way for me to describe Burmese cooking for those who are not used to it, similar to Thai cooking, but not hot.

Salad of tealeaf is almost the basic food in all Burmese eateries, so I ordered it with coconut noodle soup, coconut salmon and prawns with buttergarlions. Tealeaf salad was quite good. A mix of walnuts and roasted cloves gave it a really beautiful structure, and the lemon and teal leaves dressings gave it enough drive to crack the flavours.

Still I think he's doing a better day's work with this lettuce at Burma Superstar in San Francisco, but it's kind of tough to hit. A coconut soup with pasta, cooked chickens and chickens in a soft Currysauce. There was no heating whatsoever on the cream but it still tastes very good.

It was the same kind of pickles, except for added lemonade. There wasn't even that much going on, so I don't know why it took them so long to get my lunch. I' m still enjoying the good things to eat enough to keep returning, but I'll keep away from shellfish because I can't explain the cost of the serving.

At the end we shared some starters, the tealeaf and some orders from her. Tealeaf lettuce really was one of the best lettuce I ever ate! As an appetizer I got the French fried turkey with stewed jasminreis, because this is one of my favourite cuisine.

I and my boyfriend have chosen to try Burmese for the first of our Freiday foodies and came across this place during our quest! We ordered one sort to try a few things (as much as two Asiatic women could eat): the aperitif samplers, Burmese roasted brown rices, tealeaf-laamb, and acid foliage-shrimps.

In any case the roasted ricecourse and Lambs! The starters were good too, but I wasn't so much struck by them (the roasted "tofu" and the gravy were A1). Roasted paddy had really great flavours and texture with the different pea and vegetables that were thrown into it. The restaurant has a very friendly atmosphere and team.

You even have a Burma 101 footage if you know little to nothing about the land or civilization (like me lol). It is one of the best Burmese restaurant I have tried so far! It seems they are known for their teasalad, chicken-coconut-cream-soup (forgotten as it is called), and catfish-soup (also forgotten).

Presentations are beautiful and dinner comes out quickly! It was so fresh with a delicious peanut crack! I' ve been back three of the time in two week because the typical tealeaf lettuce is hooked. It'?s difficult to tell how a dressing can be so delicious, but it is.

Once I mated it with the paratha (bread) with curried dipping and the loaf was flaked and eaten warm and greasy (a good thing). Once I tried her flawlessly. Once I interrupted the traditional and tried the pasta with the south and a little bit of beef.

This may be due to the acoustic, but every single occasion I have to hear many talks and screaming laughs. Parantha costs $6. An expensive dinner. You come for the lettuce. The meal was delicious and new. Tealeaf lettuce 5/5 crisp, juicy, nutty, spicy and full flavour.

5/5 young chilled coir and 5/5 chilled coir was the best 3rd Gold Chickpea and Fuzz Toofu. It was a fish-flavoured and aromatic dressing. 3/5 oiled, muddy savoury India pastries with soft coir curve sauces. For the first tasting of Burmese cuisine, Maaaannn's restaurant atmosphere is very authentic and sober.

The meal was very good and was prepared with many herbs. It' a great choice for my tastes because there are many meals with curry/coconut sauces. We' ve got the $6 pâté, that's two flatbreads with sauces. They were crunchy and chewing at the same in one. Together with the ricotta it was a great blend of flavor.

Chick-cocknut-crispy ( ($3) $11 ) was very satisfying and fantastic. I remembered the ricotta of every South East Asiatic ricotta meal that contains a great deal of herbs. It was a delicate hen and the potato was delicious. It was a little sweeter, but it had a very powerful odour and flavour of coconuts.

The Irrawaddy is an original Burmese restaurant run by a couple. She was very cute and offered a marvellous wait. When you are not used to Burmese food, she can suggest the cuisines. I was born and raised in Burma, so we were used to Burmese food and knew what we wanted to try.

All in all, the food was amazing, especially the pradah (Burmese naan), veal honey and mussinga (fish noodles) noodles. I also tasted her Burmese sweet tea and her Burmese desert, which reminds me of many South East Asia sweets with grassy jellies, Tapioka and frost. It is very tidy and roomy.

It was the first that I tasted Burmese cuisine and three of the four meals we had ordered were tasty, and we probably want to come back to try other cuisine. Tealeaf lettuce was definitely the celebrity. We' also tasted their sugary savoury minced meat and spaghetti.

Burmese kwalafel (ba jar jau) had a good taste, but the dough was too thick, so the crunching was too strong to be biten. and he was kind enough to bring us dinner. Burmese is the best meal of all time. Southern noodles: reminding me of the Filipino Pancit Malabon with the same sauces.

Pork and gourd curry: delicate, good taste and goes well with it. Tealeaf salad: a must! Seafood soup: Pasta with chopped seafood and seafood sauces. Five star for the lettuce. But I can't give 5-star to this place because apart from the tealeaf lettuce, everything else I've ordered here has been either uneven or entirely off the plant.

Now Burmese food is very different from what most of us are used to, so although I only like one thing on the meal list, I still like giving four asterisks. Hen birdoni and paddy was more like chickens and paddy. I have come back many a time for the tealeaf and I will say that it is worthy of the compliments and some others.

This was the first Burmese dinner we had. We got our dinner out fast. NUTRITION: 1) Tealeaf: 2) The Burmese falafel: They had a tasty taste of curries. 3) Paratha (flat bread with coconut-curry-sauce): Pancakes were tough and fluffy, and they went beautifully with the coconut-curry-dip sauces.

Dip dressing was cute, spicy and slightly spicy. Our rates were a little high, but our first experiences with Burmese cuisine were good! Genuine Burmese cuisine. Tealeaf lettuce was sooooooo delicious and delectable. Roasted paddy is full of flavours. It has a movie loops that explains Burmese cuisine and how neighbouring lands have affected their tastes.

We' ve always liked Burmese cuisine when we were at home in the cove. Dinner in this restaurant was extraordinarily good, especially the tea leaf salad I have ever eaten. Leaf Lamb was very delicate and delectable. The Chicken Kebat was very delectable.

Coquoise is a must-have, it was amazing. while at home I usually only have a tablespoon of it. It'?s great with salmon and coconuts. Aromas are well counterbalanced, e.g. the flavours of the coir in the dressing are not overwhelming. I' m drinking her Burmese sweet tea.

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