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Oakland Burmese Restaurant

Burmese, cafes, tea rooms. Burmese, barbecue, fast food. Burmese, cafes, tea rooms. Burmese, barbecue, fast food. We serve authentic Burmese home cooking at very affordable prices.

Oaklands Top 4 Burmese Restaurant

Fancy garlic pasta, consoling sherbet or homemade dill? The Burmese places have a special dinner prepared just for you. Heodline cracked the numbers to find the best Burmese restaurant around Oakland by using yelp dates and our own proprietary clandestine dressing to create a ranking where to dare on a famine-strik.

Burma Superstar is at the top of the ranking. in Temescal, Burma's most beloved restaurant, with four out of 2,030 ratings on Yelp. Myanmar Superstar does not accept bookings, and waiting times are often long. Located on 4015 Broadway (between 40 and 41nd Streets), the hotel is run by Teni Shibabaw, a Burmese superstar vet.

Burmese Indians, with 4.5* out of 212 ratings on Yelp, have proved to be a favourite for courts such as cuminbelly, curried and roasted celery. The Jack London Square's Grocery Café at 90 Franklin Street is another top selection: the coffee, tearoom and Burmese commercial are awarded 4.5 star out of 210 ratings by Yorkers.

The top 4 is rounded off by Burma Bear, a Burmese place offering BBQ, quick-catering and more. Featuring four asterisks from 100 yelp feedbacks, clients adore his roasted browned rice, hazelnut ride and spaghetti. Head over to 325 19 St. (between Webster and Harrison Street) to see for themselves.

California Style Burmese Cuisine (Oakland) - Bites & Bourbon

Tennis East Kitchen is a Burmese restaurant recently opened in May at Oakland's Temescal Districts on Broadway and Fortyth. So I was very thrilled to review the place, especially after I found out that the guy who owned Burma managed superstar venues.

Burmese has some very good choices in the Eastern Bight, but it has a uniquely Californian flair. There is a wide selection of meals on the menus, but there are only two of the five I' ve tried - the root with lentils and a side of chocolate candy.

Rotis' scaly, pasty consistency is amazing and the curried deer was spicy, smooth, almost bone-in. Nevertheless, it was still satisfactory and even better than aromatic, hearty and sugary coriandered rice. A few bucks more on rival Burmese commercials in Oakland will get you more than a fistful of cabbage-leaf.

And it was tasty, but not for $9. The veal cheek-curry was great taste and was optically pleasing, but disappointing the flesh was hard and took an additional 20 or so of braising while. I' ve boiled enough bovine cheek to know it's not good until it's soft enough to prick with a forks.

All in all, Teni East Kitchen has a great deal of room and there is an interesting diversity of good-tasting cuisine.

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