Burmese Restaurant Nyc

Nyc Burmese Restaurant

I like Malaysian and Burmese cuisine. How can I find good authentic Burmese food in NYC? downtown Manhattan Asian Restaurant, specializing in Lao cuisine. Finally NYC has a legitimate Burmese restaurant! Guide to the best New York restaurants.

NYC's only Burmese restaurant is closing after more than 20 years.

The Cafe Mingala, the only restaurant in the five New York districts devoted to Burmese cuisine, has shut its gates. Upper East Side Restaurant, 1393 Second Ave. near 733rd Street, no longer has a working telephone number and has been flagged as locked on Yelp. Open for more than 20 years, it served local dishes from the land now known as Myanmar, according to the Times.

Burmese cooks have cooked the New York cuisine of the South East Asia region in recent years, among them Burma Noodle Bar, Burmese Bites and Rangoon NoodleLab. Myanmar in the industrial city of Sunset Park and Burmese bites on the Queens International Market. The Burmese meal was named "the Holy Grail" of New York City because it is so seldom found.

According to reports, the store had improved in recent years, but despite increased interest, the only Burmese restaurant in New York is no longer there.

Little Myanmar' takes Burmese delicacies to Jackson Heights - Jackson Heights - New York

The JACKSON HEIGHTS - A small Myanmar store opened on 74th Street marks one of the few places in town that focuses on objects used in Burmese cuisine. Myanmar opened last weekend at 37-5074th Street, next to a Burmese saloon in the same section with the famed Tibetan restaurant Lhasa Fast Food.

The shopkeeper, Khin Mar Yee, said it imported all its foods and treats from Myanmar - like the deep-fry seafood gravy that is widely used in most meals, and juicy greens and sweets that are produced all days and used for the typical kitchen tealeafs. Further articles are light coloured tamari bark sweets, Burmese kimchis from pearly bulbs, pouches with aromatic curries and dried chick peas.

Sacks containing preserves, which are usually served with desserts, are piled near the top rack. They also sell clothes, handbags and jewellery cases from Myanmar. Since its inauguration, Yee said the store has greeted many people who are "happy" to see the choices that will help them discover their own cuisine.

There' only two Burmese places in New York City: Myanmar Noodle Bar at Sunset Park and Burmese Bites, a booth at Queens International Night Market in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

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