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New York Burmese Restaurant

Locate menus, reviews, maps and delivery information for Burmese restaurants in New York City. See map, overview, menus of the best Burmese restaurants in New York. The Toli Moli Burmese Bodega will have hundreds of foods. Burmese & Thai authentic restaurant, Buffalo: New York Burmese food: Hard to find but easy to love.

Gain the flavour of Burma by studying how to make its most popular and renowned pasta dish,'Ohno Kao Swe'.

Gain the flavour of Burma by studying how to make its most popular and renowned pasta dish,'Ohno Kao Swe'. In our practical and fun cookery course you will learn everything you need to know to make and serve this tasty and refreshing meal to make an impression on all your buddies at your next dining out.

Eugene leads our two-hour course in an informal atmosphere in the centre of Brooklyn, New York. Gather your buddies and savour 90-minute quick cookery, and then take a seat to savour the fruit of your work! The Ohno Kao Swe is a cooked pasta base of chickens starting with eggs, currysauce, curry chickens and ending with toppings: hard-boiled eggs, marinated onions, coriander, crunchy pasta, limet.

It is a tribute to Myanmar's cultural crucible in a tasty tray of warm, steamy sauerkraut. Situated between India, China and Thailand, Ohno Kao Swe has the qualities of all 3 different kitchens combined with Burmese tradition to offer you more than just a cup of pasta, but an adventure of dining and cuisine.

This course consists of 2 lessons of quick interaction study, cookery and food. It' all from teaching the recipe, the story of the meal, cook technique, to sipping the last pasta and cleaning the skull. Classes take place in an informal environment in which no more than 8 students take part in this astonishing one.

So you can get advice at every stage to make your meal as delicious and genuine as possible! Buy today on line and start saving $20 on our normal rate for a short while! The best of all, you can have the promotion now and find a date and hour that suits your timetable later.

This is an entertaining way to invite your family to a meal. Saving over $250 by having your own one-to-one lesson! Every one-to-one lesson includes: www.choro. com Schedule and date are variable. Our Warranty - We will find a date and hour for your course or your refund +$100.

For more information about our cookery course, please contact us!

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