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My near Burmese restaurant

We' re a family run, nice, medium sized restaurant. Burmese traditional cuisine is offered in a hidden location in Fremont. Come and experience our new look of the restaurant. This is a place where we specialize in homemade Burmese cuisine from the ground up. The Rangoon Burmese Restaurant is Philadelphia's only place for Burmese cuisine.


Can you find good Burmese foods in London? and Burmese grocer y aye. Being a Burmese author in London, I'll tell you about his kitchen and where you can find it for yourself. The Burmese diet is a bit like Thai, a bit like Indian and a bit like Chinese (hardly astonishing as these are Burma's neighbours), but it uses these elements and then mixes them with its own technique, ingredient and flavors to create something sublime, tasty and inimitable.

Also important is the textur - a pasta meal could have smooth but delicious pasta, crispy pickled cucumbers, biting beans shoots and abundant, delicate pieces of chickens. There is an affection for newly roasted French fries and hot, tangy or acidic dip and pickle, not to speak of the near-reference with which pig meat is view.

Wherever we dine, snack, salads, pasta and French fries are an alternative - either in cafés, restaurancies, teashops or hawkers. As a rule, rice and its side dishes are domestic dishes that are prepared and ate indoors. These are some places where you can get Burmese cuisine in London.

andalay is the most famous and oldest representative of Burmese cooking in London. Let the owner advise you which courts you should select. The only reservation I have is that they do not eat pig meat, which is a large part of Burmese cooking. First and foremost, she is a caterer, but Thuzar Kyi, the company's foundress, also operates pop-ups like her Burmese Nights for the Angus Mcdonald Foundation, so have a look at her Facebook page.

Your meal is contemporary Burmese with the casual turn and very thrilling. They are known for their exquisite reproduction of Burmese road meals such as Nangyi-Thohk (a kind of "spaghetti" salad) and Ohn-no Khao Swè (coconut noodles). For those who want to try their hand at making Burmese foods, this Turnpike Lane grocery store offers any kind of Burmese ingredients you could wish for, as well as our own special preserved teas known as lahpets.

The Lahpet is a Burmese cuisine by Dan Anton, who belongs to Burma, and his Burmese cook Zaw Mahesh. Burmese main courses are served, rotary hot plates with mohinga (fish and noodle soup) or Ohn-no Khao Swè (coconut noodles) during the cold season. You can also enjoy salads like Lahpet Thohk (pickled teasalad ), Gin Thohk (pickled gingerbread salad) or chickens lettuce with white breadcrumbs, as well as a crunchy treat like my favourite Shan Tofu or Krispy Fritters with chili & garlic sauce.

Regarding my prescriptions, my weblog www.meemalee.com and my cookbook Noode! which contains a good number of Burmese food, I would suggest the following books: The ginger salad and water waffles by Ma Thanegi, Flavours of Burma by Susan Chan or The Food of Myanmar by Claudia Saw Lwin Robert.

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