Burmese Restaurant Montreal

Montreal Burmese Restaurant

It' Montreal's only restaurant in Myanmar. Ruby Burma Restaurant, Montreal, Quebec. No Burmese restaurants in Montreal. One of the few US cities with a Burmese restaurant. The best of New York, Montreal & New England.

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Burmese home cooked very tasty and very well. Locally ambience, decorations as comfortable as at home. Too unhappy they will shut down the restaurant. spots, The Village comes to life at nights when clubbing, speaking of Oscar Wilde buildings. The Burmese kitchen is inspirited and affected by the herbs, condiments, additives and culinary practices of its people.

In DAGON we have our favorite dishes and cooked them just like at home. Enjoy the flavour of home-made, carefully cooked Buremesen, full of fresh and varied tastes that you can enjoy to the fullest. Request your entry for free to reply to ratings, refresh your account and much more.

Montreal's Cult MTL is the place to try Burmese cuisine.

Think of a mix of the best parts of Thai and Hindi cooking. Burmese dinner would be the upshot. The first foretaste of Burma was in San Francisco, with the beloved Burma superstar. No Burmese diners in Montreal. The situation improved with the opening of Ruby Burma in April.

Situated on the edge of St-Laurent, where a cafe used to be, the restaurant is still working on things. At the checkout there may be no tools, orders or breakdowns, but most of the meals are to the point. Lettuce is the place where Ruby Burma - and the flavors of Burmese cooking - shines.

While all the lettuce choices sounds tasty (24 are on the menu), we have confined ourselves to two: the tealeaf, one of Burma's most famous meals, and one of the pasta lettuce (forgive me, readers, but the name slips me by). Tealeaf was one of those foods in which no two forkfuls were alike.

Featuring a funny, acidic seafood gravy dressings, chopped salad, tomato, crispy walnuts and garage sales and, yes, tealeaves, it made us forgotten everything about the St-Laurent road meats we had melancholy handed over on the way to the restaurant. Also we ordered an appetiser with Burmese white wine and curried chickens and mullet, a seafood broth that seems to be one of Burma's traditional cuisine.

They were like spring roll with the stuffing of a velvet stew - a wafer-thin layer with a hot potatoe in it. Poultryurry is different from Thai or Hindiurry. Serve in a pleasant but not as specific as the other meals we tried.

The next one I' d order another lettuce instead of a mulligan. Maybe because of the shortage of Burmese cooking here, the Ruby Burma employees are realizing that they insult the West with unusual tastes. However, the owner is also discreetly clear about their business and is keen to learn about the Burmese kitchen and to receive feedbacks on their cuisines.

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