Burmese Restaurant Minneapolis

Minneapolis Burmese Restaurant

Friend Café - Roseville (Minnesota) - Burmese Restaurant, Café That is Miemie Myint, proprietor of the Burmese Thai restaurant "Friends Cafe" in St. Paul. Born in Minnesota in 2004 as a fugitive, she dreamt of one day having her own restaurant, and now she's doing it! To support Miemie's restaurant also means that you support her home in Burma.

Saturday, please use the hash tag #mneats4immigrants to share your pictures with immigrants and restaurant migrants! - with Miemie Myint here: It'?s Friends Cafe.

Myanmar curry at the Friends Cafe in Roseville

The Friends Café is an welcoming little room with neat little greens and scant decoration, whispering: "Asian Restaurant". They are simple and only adorned with a small amount of seafood gravy or soya, if any. This café is serving Thailand and Burmese meals, and our servers quickly differentiated between the two.

The Burmese kitchen is similar to that of Thailand because it is based around shellfish and sea food, but it often contains bitter-sweet Tamarinde and is not as tart. So we jumped over the famous thailand food and ordered prawns and egg-plant crèry ($11).

These large, butterfly prawns are professionally prepared: delicate yet solid. This juicy aubergine, rich in olive was a long, thin, lilac stripe strain, divided into quarters and sliced into two-inches. It was an oil-based dressing, rich in cloves of chilli and chilli. Serve with jasmine-riche, the serving was ample and the prawns were almost as rich as the aubergine.

This is a tip we like because this place would have gone largely unrecognized with so many possibilities of the great South East Asiatic cuisines, especially because of its inconspicuous position in the no man's country between St. Paul, Roseville and Maplewood. Like coconut Thai and cumin curries are different animals, Burmese curries are something completely different that is really something to be experienced.

Now, you mothers of curried, go out and get a Burmese rum.

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