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Myanmar chicken & prawns casserole. Myanmar catfish curry or Burmese shrimp curry. Myanmar restaurant in Wheaton, Illinois. get-together Burmese restaurant delivery in Brooklyn, NY! You can browse the menus of your favourite restaurants.

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While our cooks like our cuisine, they are always looking for more - so you know you're getting good eating for you. I asked my mother to do this when we were in Burma." They' re gorgeous, they have a gorgeous and honest flavour, they' re a little addictive.

Burmese Samusas and Platha and Dip are still our customers' favourites and we often went out before the end of the evening! That'?s what Burmese cuisine is known for. We use a mixture of different raw materials in our beautiful Salad to make a very special, tasty flavour with an astonishing structure that we can only describe when we serve you one.

This is the response we get from clients whose mothers made them for them when they were little. Take a buddy to the restaurant to get curried; our server is too weak to lift heavier loads. What is an Asiatic food without pasta or travel? Be it the delicious Biriyani, our delicious Nan Pya Dok or just jasmine rices, these meals really make the food perfect.

Those courts go so quickly, you might want to come back early to get them. Lychee and/or avocado icecream is served daily and our mysterious daily desert is constantly evolving, but we ensure that it is delectable. Bring your favourite food to your next party and it's sure to be a big success!

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