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Lansing Burmese Restaurant

The first time to taste good Thai cuisine in Lansing is authentic and very well cooked! "Thai restaurant in Lansing, Michigan. Check out the menu for Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant and Restaurants in Lansing, MI. Check out the online menu of the Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant and other restaurants in Lansing, Michigan. Burmese cuisine at the Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant in Lansing offers you a taste you won't find anywhere else.

The Burmese restaurant in southern Lansing has'the best meal in the area'.

The LANSING - It was a Friday afternoons and every Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant was full. While Moe Israel sat down with clients and took orders, his woman, Mi Thanda, was cooking in a redo. It is a traditional break for the lunchtime, especially since Israel and Thanda were re-opened at the beginning of the year after a three-month "renovation holiday".

Its faithful clients were anxious for the restaurant to re-open, Israel said. "Israel and Thanda took three month off to finish the renovation and go to Myanmar to visit them. This was Israel's first return to the land in almost 30 years. At the end of September, the couple opened their restaurant serving Burmese, Thai and Malayan cuisine.

in Cedar Street, southern Lansing. Pictures of the pair with Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero and Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr., D-East Lansing, are hanging near the front doors. Naing Myanmar has developed an amazing and dedicated following in the four years since it opened.

For almost two years, Bill Kitley has been visiting Naing Myanmar several nights a week. 2. He said that the three month the restaurant was shut down were "brutal". "and Thanda] are serving the best meal in the area," he said. On a Friday afternoons Kitley was eating on a Friday evening together with his little girl and two little grandkids and it was a weeklong fun.

One humming restaurant with a waiting period is a huge shift from the opening of Naing Myanmar four years ago, Israel said. He said the first six-month period was very tough and trading was sluggish. In its first year Israel worked in a plant in Mason and in a camp in Mayer.

Both Thanda and Israel - both Burmese citizens, now known as Myanmar - gathered in Malaysia and got divorced in 2004. They started out in Boston, where Israel worked for three years at a Starbucks in Logan Airport. It was an extremely pricey town and they chose to move to Lansing in 2013 in order to find a more accessible house so that Thanda could realise her long-standing vision of opening her own restaurant.

As the company's management was more difficult than anticipated, news began to circulate about Naing Myanmar, Israel said. The restaurant's waters were turned off in June 2015 after the owner got into a fight with the Lansing Board of Ballas. The restaurant's supporters joined forces to collect $10,000, which finally contributed to financing some of the work.

The longtime supporter of the Facebook group "Lansing's Eastside Loves Naing Myanmar Familyrest. And Tait said that she liked the meal immediately when she first came to visit three and a half years ago. Said she enjoys seeing the couple's two children growing up and the caring the families have for each other.

During the renovation, Israel and Thanda revised their menus, added new flooring and enhanced the ornament. They said they would like to enlarge by tearing down the wall between their unity and the one next to them. National Myanmar was one of more than a decade and a half that hosted the ThanksLANSING meeting of the Refugee Development Centre early this months.

"He' a very handsome guy," said Thang Mung, a close relative, about Israel. "For him, it's more about being with his wife and daughter.

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