Burmese Restaurant Houston

Houston Burmese Restaurant

Burmese cuisine restaurants in Houston. So Houston needs more restaurants serving African food, period. Someplace serving Burmese food? It' our first Burmese restaurant. The Indika Restaurant Logo Indika Restaurant.

Top 30 Burmese restaurants in Houston, TX with ratings

Lovin' the taste, it was tasty. I' m recommending everyone to try this restaurant. l adore this place! This is my recommendation for Pakistan-Indian cuisine. Dinner is always cool and the proprietors and workmen here are astonishing. I' ve also had my honeymoon meal prepared from here - and I'll tell you that!

Everybody was talking about how great our meal was. Defiant, I suggest you take a look at this restaurant. Excellent services. A great smile from the personnel and the meal was SUPERB!!!!! My daughter's catering restaurant catering last week's marriage, meal and services were both excellent It was a familiar sitting dining for 600 persons.

The meal was warm, crisp and delicious. 600 diners were serviced within 10 minutes. Got to try hen mahkni, vegetables roasted sake, wihari i kabob, hen booti. Mangoshake' is astonishing. and it was our favourite restaurant in Pakistan.

But I don't go there to make mates. O my! Great Paki dinner. It is recommended for someone who wants to try this kind of diet and might be shy. It is a little pricey for some of the meals, but the qualitiy of the meals is very high. good drinks, and not too hot.

It' a great place to get and try some Pakistanian gas. Even if you want something you may already know, try Chicken Boneless Masala.don't forgive to buy the Naan, Paratha or Chapatti. Imagine his loaf of bred, which you ate with your meal, like a tortillas.

and Buttercowl. There is a very friendly and friendly team. I' m recommending this restaurant to everyone! Delicious sausage and potato samosas (bilete).

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