Burmese Restaurant Honolulu

Honolulu Burmese Restaurant

I' ve never tasted Burmese food and when I noticed that there was a Burmese restaurant in Honolulu, I decided to try it. Find menu, photos and location information for Dagon Burmese Cuisine in Honolulu, HI. You will have your next meal at Dagon Burmese Cuisine in Honolulu. Car drivers can park right by the restaurant, so don't forget your car keys. Burmese Dagon cuisine, Honolulu picture:

Dagon: New Burmese restaurant in Honolulu - Biting Commentary - January 2014

When there is a meal that is equivalent to Burmese cooking - at least for the Americans - it is the lettuce of tealeaf made popular by Burma superstar in San Francisco. It' attracting strains, Best Dish's dining list and the foods network. It is a colourful minced lettuce of ferment tealeaves, shrimps, roasted prawns, roasted lentils, roasted groundnuts, safflower seed, roasted cloves of cloves of garlic and cubed herbs. The side of the plate is thrown with a pinch of citrus.

Try the new Burmese restaurant Dagon in Honolulu. They' re coming for Burmese food, which is like Thai indians. In its whitish yellow-red mediley, which looks like grated Mexico cheeses, India's paddy is a little like chewy potato thanks to the use of cardoon, spices and laurel leaves, interrupted by cashew nuts and candies.

Burmese ruddy sourdough, available with roast suckling sheep, cattle, seafood or aubergine, is slightly on coir milks, heavily on cardamoms (and oil). Spoon the pieces of stewed meats and gravy over the order of plain pasta is like a Burmese stromanoff - absolutely reassuring and soothing. Myanmar cuisine is not customary in the USA - even in various gastronomic towns like New York or LA there is only one Burmese restaurant.

However, San Francisco has a few; Dagon's original Burmese proprietor was studying Burmese eating out in San Francisco before opening his own shop here. Well, Honolulu has his own, and it looks like we're very upset.

Honolulu Dagon Burmese Restaurant Honolulu HI Ratings

It' s a surprise that Dagon is the only Burmese restaurant on the islands, as Honolulu is known for its varied ethnical cuisine....: Situated in an area full of restaurants open to the academic public, the hotel has a server that is kind and ready to go through the menus for the first tasting. Beginners may see references to India in the birdes, which are included among the rices, or in the blend of spices used for the Curry, which intersect Indian and Thailand flavours.

It is released as a stand-alone component --- brilliant colours and texture that please the eyes and soon the taste buds are blended with lime juices. It' s BYOB, so you should take a glass of fine wines or beers to complete your meals.

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