Burmese Restaurant Dallas

Dallas Burmese Restaurant

Myanmar restaurant in Dallas, Texas. Vakok Burmese Cuisine offers customers authentic Burmese flavours. Best Vietnamese cuisine in Dallas! Dallas/Ft. Worth's first Burmese restaurant.

The Burmese cuisine Vakok, Dallas, TX, website.

Somebody Help This Poor girl: Burmese restaurant in Dallas

She loves Burmese tealeaf lettuce, samosas and a pasta court named "Kaw Soi Dok". Burmese cuisine is an adventure. It' reassuring ly unsuspecting and makes the unfamiliar things known. About six month ago in San Francisco I had a Burmese tealeaf lettuce and I recall every detail about the flavour.

That made it easy and refreshing, but also savoury and soothing. I' d like my buddies and family/North Texas to have this chance with Burmese cuisine. But I can't find a restaurant around here.

Vacok Burmese Cuisine 9711 Plano Rd Dallas, TX Restaurant

I' m still in loving this restaurant. Spent a sneak peek in Dallas and chose to try out her Burmese restaurant for YELP feedback. I ordered the Burmese tealeaf lettuce, mohinga (fish soup), papaya lettuce and roasted rosella..... But it wasn't that great and didn't look like the Burmese meal I ate in the Bay Area.

I haven't had Burmese in a few years, I've walked through Dallas and found this place, the food is so good. Oohhinga 2. 3. Chocolate lettuce. Pasta lettuce These 3 are my favourite, and Vakok Burmese..... This was my first Burmese dinner, and I used to love it. I' ve got the lettuce and a little bit of yeast pasta noodles.

Dallas or Houston Burmese Cuisine - Restaurants - Texas

Register to explore your next favourite restaurant, recipes or cookery book in the biggest gathering of experienced cooks. Grandda Alyssa is helping with Burmese shrimp brandy and coccoons. Nice hot sunshine broth! Mysterious trimmings are seafood gravy and mangosteens. We' re combining everything you want in China cooking - the delicious savoury and tasty sauces, the crunchy and crunchy soft caramelised vegetable - into a fast meat.

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