Burmese Restaurant Christchurch

Christchurch Burmese Restaurant

Yangon Ruby Christchurch, New Zealand, Christchurch, New Zealand. A Burmese restaurant in Christchurch, New Zealand. It's a brilliant Burmese restaurant in Christchurch. The Bodhi Tree" is one of the best, if not the best Burmese restaurant in the world. Vegetarian café and restaurant.

Christchurch Burmese Restaurant - Review of Rangoon Ruby, Christchurch, New Zealand

Dinner was delicious and the selection was great. We had an outstanding personnel and a beautiful presentation of the meal. It was very useful for my glutee-free no milk products, no lemon incompatibilities. It has a cosy and welcoming atmosphere and the sound is not too noisy. All that was wrong was that the meal for two came out very quickly when ordering several meals.

Cant-wake to go back to go back to my old favorite freshness healthful vibrating foods with warming  inviting personnel and environments. From the USA we travelled to New Zealand and made a daily stop in Christchurch. As we only had one evening for supper, we looked around for the best restaurant.

He grew up in Burma and is a master of Burmese cooking. Exquisite meals, a sensible menu of wines, good services and a comfortable atmosphere. Unfamiliar with Burmese cooking, although I visited it 30 years ago, and it's more different from Thai than I thought it would be - great flavors and well presented.

Myanmar Meal is Beautiful and Difficult to Find - Rangoon Ruby Reviews, Christchurch, New Zealand

While we were living in Christchurch, my man and I often dined at the Bodhi Tree (Rangoon Ruby's Sisters Restaurant ), then we left and really mourned. We had Ruby in Rangoon last week-end and it was as good as The Bodhi Tree who went to a village after the earthquake.

In a Burmese restaurant there are certain "must have" meals. The first is the astonishing tealeaf. Also the chopped chickensalad is a must for us. The Burmese don't enjoy desert, but that doesn't stop both Christchurch Dining Houses from offering some of the most exquisite sweets. Rangoon Ruby's employees were thrilled and kind and the furnishings were very cozy.

You want Burmese cooking in Christchurch, you have to join us. After that we had some Burmese green teas - which was really fresh. And the other meal we had was the Jetda Ono Hin - a poultry casserole. Personnel were nice, but could have known a little better about the meal and Burma.

A very good restaurant. Unmistakable Burmese cuisine. It' really deserving. We've been to Ruby's and his sis Bodhi Tree a couple of time. It' a genuine find in Christchurch. Myanmar is rarely served, so this was a first. Tea leaf salad is a speciality of the company and offers a good starting, crisp and savoury aroma.

She' s nice, busily, but not at the doors or waiting in the cafe. The meal is quickly cooked and the servings are just the right amount. Have you been to Yangon Ruby?

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