Burmese Restaurant Burlingame ca

Myanmar Restaurant Burlingame ca.

Hopefully you will enjoy Burmese cuisine as much as we share part of our culture with you. You can order the delivery online at Restaurant Mingalaba in Burlingame. Warm, cosy furnishings with Burmese accents can be found in this restaurant. Check out the online menu of Mingalaba and other restaurants in Burlingame, California. We are here today at Mingalaba Restaurant in Burlingame, CA!

The Mingalaba Restaurant - Burlingame | Restaurant Review

Great meals and services. It was a great pigs' urine, but the tealeaf (usually a favourite) could not have impressed. It'?s great dinner, but it's a place to dine and go out. However, the meals and services were very good. I was amazed at the lettuce of peppaya. It was the first tasting of Burmese cuisine and although the waiting period on a Friday night was very long, the personnel was so kind and the meal was delectable.

Waiting is definitely worthwhile. There'?s enough to eat. The employees are friendly, but their mind is a little confused.

Restaurant Mingalaba - Burlingame CA

I like that the seasoned meals were not one-dimensional hot, but that there are tastes. You will find a cosy, comfortable interior with Burmese undertones. Especially popular with the amount of lunches, there may be a waiting time for the meal, but it's a reward. Taste the lettuce of tealeaf, a hot chocolate and a savory dried prawns with beans.

Lunches and dinners are provided.

1213 Mingalaba Restaurant Burlingame Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010

Delicious, affordable, fresh cuisine. Favourites in China since 1985. Evaluate this shop! very good ""Burmese food""" or just call it simply Chiin. We' re trying to stay fairly fit most of the day, so we don't have a lot of traditional Chinesefood. It was all great, and I strongly commend the salad mugs. The best all-round cuisine in Burlingame!

The King Yuan is definitely one of those unique restaurant adventures you should not miss when travelling or experiencing the first-class downtown Burlingame retail world. Situated directly on Burlingame Avenue, King Yuan packages a bunch of delicious delicacies such as "crab and cheesy dumplings"", ""Rolling Lettuce Chicken"", ""Hot and Sour Soup"", ""Sizzling Rice Soup"", ""Chicken in garlic sauce", ""Black Pepper Spareribs"", etc.

The stylish but cosy ambience and the choice of some of the best vineyards in Sonoma and Napa such as Callaway and Beringer is very well. Whether you are looking for a familiar or intimate meal environment, I would strongly advise you to try out King Yuan. Usually my missus and I go to Burlingame Avenue for a grocery tour, then we take a seat and eat the King Yuan's delicious food together with a drink of toast!

Amazingly, the dinner took longer than usual and they forgotten to prepare our starter before the dinner. Your cuisine is not only tasty, it is also persistent. They ordered: potstickers, shrimp tempura roll, Burmese pasta named Kaw Soi Dok and lemonade guinger. When you want to try Burmese cuisine or thought you didn't want Burmese cuisine, try this place, you'll like it! the tealeaf and lettuce were both very good, not the best I've ever had, but good.

It was the first Burmese meal we tried, which is the latest thing in SF. It' like Thai cooking and Thai cooking together. The Burmese lamb I had the whole meal that the whole meal approved of was the star meal. Serivce and meal were first-rate. I' m suggesting that you try a dinner adventuresight.

Samusas, lettuce (lak path dok) and the home noodles. There was no lettuce and it was presented at our dinner as well as the noodles. Very recommendable! Dinner's good here.

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