Burmese Restaurant Burlingame

Restaurant Burlingame

See Yangon Menu, Order Chinese Foods Online from Yangon, Best Chinese Delivery in Burlingame, CA. ""The best Burmese near SFO. We' re happy to introduce Burmese food to our new and loyal customers. The Burmese cuisine has its own identity. It was the first time we tried Burmese food, which is the latest thing in SF.

Burmese Restaurant in Burlingame - Mingalaba Restaurant

Best Burmese near SFO. Shrimps, egg roll avocados, gourd, yellow sherbet and Burmese pigs. Whilst the pan meals meet every wish for traditional Burmese food, you have to order the Burmese platters! There is a three-day preparation of turkey meat with marinated ricotta and the gourd is celestial.

Curried pig meat is the best kind of pig meat. Hausnudel is one-of-a-kind, but a little sparkling. Tealeaf lettuce not as crisp as Burma super star, and the relationship was a little off. Tapioka chocolate cream is essentially a desert! Green lettuce and the bare aubergine are amazing. It is not only the best Burmese meal in the Bay Area, but also the best restaurant time in Burlingame.

Delicious tealeaf lettuce, Rangoon shrimp, pasta with chickens. Any suggestions are right - BUT if you want a meal that really tasted like a bunch of trouble and was going into it - Burmese Curried-Pig. Slowly cooked, aromatic ricotta, decayed pig meat. You will never be able to stop immersing the crispy roasted pastry!

Suggest the home pasta, esparagus toofu, and cannabis lettuce! Taste the prawns king prawns scroll as an appetizer this is the best place. best restto within 10 mile from the airpor. iced lettuce, iris lettuce, curried meat everything perfectly. Dinner is astonishing, even lettuce.

It' all tasty, but my favourites are the spicy basil grouse, Panfried Okra prawns and the mango slushie! Pumpkin, Singapore pasta, Burmese prawns.... everything was great! Palatha, spring beans with tofu, kung pao chickens, chow mein, and much more so well! Chocolate-mango chickens with chilli sauce - so good! The pumpkin turkey is great and the show is really great!

Tealeaf lettuce was tasty - I would strongly suggest it. The best tealeaf and wetbow lettuce I ever had. Leaded tealat with chickens or seafood! The green pepper lettuce is great and the servings are very large for one people. Home-made pasta isn't really it. Grab the avocados and prawns as a starter.

This tapioka and coir is so delicious! Go get your lettuce and home made pasta. Used to love pasta with coconuts. Tealeaf lettuce and home made pasta are astonishing! I' ve got the curried shrimp and the egg roll vegetarians. Big Burmese shortcrust! Just some virgin coir soda.

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