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Burmese, salad, Asian fusion. Burmese cuisine restaurants in Brisbane. Myanmar restaurants and menus in Brisbane, California. Burmese restaurant and library: Outstanding Burmese food, right through to dessert.

Myanmar in ya Belly - Get Some!

Myanmar In Ya Belly is a Trish Davison founded nutritional project to enhance the beauties of Burmese cooking and present so much more of the beautiful flavors that make Myanmar foods. While we specialize in Burmese (Myanmar) cooking, at Burma In Ya Belly we also offer Southeast Asia fused cuisines, which include Indonesian, Malay and Vietnamese - and NOW the very interesting message that we will be adding Tibetan and Filipino cuisines to our cuisines.

"Burma In Ya Belly provided our latest 100+ feature and the dinner and presentations were awesome - everyone liked the offering and the response was sensation. ABC Coast FM's MOOD Foot Sector with Annie Gaffney on June 12, 2012 or visit our prescription page for more information.

Brisbane Burmese Delivery & Takeaway. Ordering online

Have Burmese specialities shipped to Brisbane from 1 Burmese restaurant! You can order Burmese meals directly to your home! Boyfriend, I ordered for a boyfriend to amaze her and the one who supplied did such an astonishing work, my boyfriend was so lucky! Unfortunately, we are currently not able to handle your order due to the unusually high level of request.

Unfortunately, we are currently not able to handle your order due to the unusually high level of request.

Crucible Restaurant - Brisbane

On the north side of Brisbane is a small bag with Asia, and the Melting Pot Restaurant is the ideal pretext for a stop. The restaurant is situated in the Multicutural Community Centre and is a place where several South East Asiatic kitchens come together. There is a large selection of genuine Chinese, Indian, Indian, Indonesian, Malayan and Burmese tasty and sweets to try, and the entire proceeds will be given to charities.

Breakfast: every morning from 11.00 to 14.00: There is a new midday meal every fortnight with different offers for every weekday. One Wednesday we went and the dish of the evening was Burmese pigs' dried bread and lemon tea for $9.90. and I think it was the best pig-curry I have ever had.

I have to go back to taste the remainder of the meal, like the Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Char Kauy Teow, Hainanese Chicken and Combination Ho Fun in Egg Soße. David Mok (formerly Kwali, Toowong and Satay House, Fortitude Valley) is the humanist behind The Melting Pot, and he said that every penny of the restaurant's profit goes into several dignified ventures.

A little bit of cash is going to support an orphanage in Nepal, where they are preventing the sale of babies for human traffick. A little bit of cash nourishes the streets of Chennai, India. In Kenya, Nicaragua and Eastern Malaysia there are also well-known charitable causes. After all, I like the fact that the food I make with my luncheon will feed starving kids in India.

So the next contingency, if you feel hungry and need some heartwarming Southeast Asia dinner, why don't you go to The Melting Pot and sponsor some major multinational charity while you're eating?

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