Burmese Restaurant Berkeley

Berkeley Burmese Restaurant

Asian Fusion, Burmese, Chinese. Enjoy the delicious and authentic Burmese street food. If You Please | Ex-Burma superstar chef U Win Aye makes the merger at Berkeley Newcomer even more fantastic. Check out the menu and reviews for Tharaphu Burmese Street Food in Berkeley, as well as the most popular articles and reviews. Remember to visit Tharaphu Burmese Street Food in Berkeley?

Myanmar Superstar, Oakland - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews

That restaurant always has a long line, but it's always rewarding. There''s a lot of great things on the menus. With a few buddies from vegetarian to carnivorous, everyone found something he liked and divided several meals. Salad of tea leaves was my favourite. Dinner is good and there are many possibilities.

Myanmar cuisine is trendy right now. Superstar is doing it right. They really enjoy their tealeaves with hors d'oeuvres and salads. We come back to try more meals because they have an elaborate mealplan. Unfortunately the menudata could not be loaded. Request your entry for free to reply to ratings, refresh your account and much more.


The majority of us in East Bay have a Burma superstar history. A study of aromas and tastes that are a surprise for a taste prepared for cute Thai food or an anaesthetic Sichuan taste. However, Burma Superstar is no longer the only match in the city. In September, U Win Aye, the former head cook of Rangoon Ruby and Burma superstar, opened his first restaurant on a stiff bloc of Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley.

Rangoon Super Stars" is a good remedy for all these ailments. The restaurant is inviting and cosy despite its gray appearance. This open-mindedness is certainly a pleasure for anyone new to Burmese cuisine.

Irrespective of the egg white, the best part of the meal is the coconut coloured sweetened sauces. Have a look at the Rangoon Super Stars meal. Tealeaf ($11) is also a treat, both for its unique Burmese blend and the crunchiness of the crispy green beans.

Passing the starters, the remainder of the meal follows the typically pan-Asian pattern, subdivided into stews, pasta, rice and stews. Rangoon's menus, like Burma itself, share the taste and inspirations of many different nations - think of India's curry with Thai spices and spices, steeped in Thai radio. Her offer is similar to that of Burma superstar, with a little more focus on classic Burmese cuisine.

Rangoon Super Stars will offer a $10 for luncheon. 99 discount comprising an entrance with broth, lettuce and rim. It' a good business, but the selection of starters is on the secure side of the meal. It is better to blend and combine from the menue, and store the remnants for later.

Smooth pasta floats in the stock, while crunchy mongoose cake, hard-boiled eggs and a few coriander twigs give textures and fullness. Some of them, like the chickens or their cousins, are easily found in any restaurant in China. Much more interesting are the meals, such as the basil-chili-laamb ('14), which smoothly integrates Thai, Sichuan and North China flavours.

Beautifully delicate stripes of mutton are as aromatic as they are sugary, pervaded by a flowery note of sprinkled balsamic lea. Lammes warmth gets the best out of the coir ride ($2.50), which would otherwise be too cute. It has a restaurant with a beer and wines list and a large selection of teas, soda and sauces.

Yangon Super Stars will not be overwhelming for anyone who knows Burma Superstar, but it is a dignified complement to the increasing supply of South East Asia cuisine. For two years she worked as a test chef in America's test kitchen before she moved to Berkeley to work, feed and get away from the city.

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