Burmese Restaurant Belmont

Belmont Burmese Restaurant

The best Burmese restaurants in Belmont are now delivering. The cuisine of the Yoma Burmese Restaurant creates great food that everyone can enjoy. Only a handful of salads at YoMa, a Burmese restaurant in Allston. Myanmar restaurant in Burlingame, California.

Myanmar delivery in Belmont - Order food online

Have your favourite restaurant shipped in less than an hours. One of Belmont's biggest restaurant network for Burmese deliveries, select from 11 Burmese locations near you! Indulge in the most exquisite Burmese dining in Belmont from home or work. Search for names, kitchens or employees tailored to your area.

Ordered 7 Bay Area Restaurants to Pays $10M for Wage Injuries " CBS San Francisco

The State Labor Commissioner's Office has spent more than $10 million on seven Bay Area Restaurant allegations of wages fraud, according to the Department of Industrial Relations. Among the offences are allegations of non-payment of basic wages, excessive hours and bonuses for splitting shift work.

Apparently, Kome Japanese Seafood and Buffet in Daly City makes more than $5.16 million of this amount and the infringements concern 133 people. White-collar workers gave out a statement Thursday that the reported injuries have been persistent for three years and the owner of the restaurant are calling for immediate compliance with the state's claims.

Kme's proprietors, Tiffany and David Tai Leung, Wendy Lai Ip, Jun Zheng, Gang Zhou and Bai Dong Zhang, were ordered to provide $4,381,461 in outstanding salaries and $780,400 in fines to their employees. Government detectives claim that 69 heads, cookers of Sushi and dishwasher worked more than 55 hour a week in Kome, but did not receive any extra work.

They say Kome owed them $3 million. Homestayers, server and businessmen were reportedly confronted with similar treatments, and state officers said that the gratuities they were receiving were illegal and given to workmen as part of the basic salary. Myanmar Ruby Burmese Cuisine in Palo Alto, along with the Rangoon Ruby Burmese Cuisine network with sites in Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Carlos, Burlingame and Belmont, was listed for $4.96 million in payrobbery, which affected 298 people.

Rangoon Ruby is said to have earned 87 chefs a regular income in six different places. As a rule, these employees have worked more than 10 consecutive hour of unsalaried working time per working day or more and, according to DIR, owe $3.8 million from their labor. It also has 211 server, hosting, dishwasher and fines along the line, which are due $590,092 for supposed payrolls.

The owners Max and John Lee were asked to contribute $4,394,118 in outstanding salaries plus $780,400 in fines under the law. Copyright 2018 CBS Broadcasting Inc. und Bay City News Service.

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