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Bangkok Burmese Restaurant

"The best homemade Burmese food in town! Are you planning a trip to Bangkok? I want to take the Burmese women who work in my guesthouse out for a good Burmese meal. Anybody know a good Burmese restaurant? Explore Burmese restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand with the help of your friends.

Bangkok Myanmar Restaurant | Myanmar Today

It is not always simple for those who live in Thailand or visit Thailand to find Myanmar foods in Thailand. At Myanmar Today we would like to draw the attention of Myanmar cuisine enthusiasts to a Myanmar restaurant in the centre of Bangkok that serves genuine Myanmar cooking. Near Bumrungrad International Hospital near Sukumvit Soi 1 there is a restaurant that has no particular name - just named "Myanmar Cuisine" - and serves its clients genuine and tasty dishes from Myanmar.

This restaurant offers about 20 meals for breakfasts and lunches. Monhingha (Burmese pasta soup) is also available for breakfasts. Burmese dairy teas can also be ordered for your breakfasts or lunches. Favourite Burmese type pig curries, roasted rose petals, Burmese type poultry livers and seafood curries.

I' m afraid the restaurant doesn't offer hallales. They are very welcoming and the cooking and presentation is very straight. Usually the restaurant is closed around 4 pm, so it is not possible to have supper here. The restaurant can be reached from the next BTS Sky railway in Ploenchit or Nana (Ploenchit BTS railway is closer).

Take the road leading to the clinic and you will find the restaurant near the edge of the road. Since April 1, 2012, the Central Bank of Myanmar has formally launched the Kyoto Protocol. This is the Myanmar Man's Diary Blogs post that has been re-published with authorization.

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