Burmese Restaurant Atlanta

Atlanta Burmese Restaurant

We speak of tea leaf salad, fried rice and pasta salad. Burmese cuisine restaurants in Atlanta. Check out the Royal Myanmar Cuisine menu and restaurants in Clarkston, GA. Mary's journalistic career began at CNN in Atlanta. Burmese top restaurants in Memphis.

Myanmar Royal Cuisine in Clarkston

In recent years, a boyfriend who went from San Francisco to Atlanta has often lamented me. "She said, "I just can't find any Burmese dinner here. The great thing about Atlanta, I have a tendency to tell those who are considering coming here, is the great, abundant variety of dishes available in our cuisine.

Now and then you will find a small grocery store or maybe a Burmese meal on the meal list of a Malay restaurant. Apart from the short-lived Chin Star, no restaurant in Atlanta has recently buried itself in the richness of Burmese cooking. Myanmar, the name Burma adopted after a 1962 putsch, lies between India, China and Thailand.

Burma's recipes are clearly inspired by India's aromatic curry, China's tough pasta and Thailand's light and funny light food, but the food is all on its own. Where many Burmese have moved after the violence of stability and the state' s army regime, a long-standing restaurant known as Burma Superstar and several others have set up a favourite Burmese-American food.

Since then, Burmese eateries have been established in the USA, not only in New York or Philadelphia, but also in smaller towns such as Indianapolis. Aa Mawi and Nyan Aung opened the Royal Myanmar Cuisine in Clarkston a few month ago. It is a restaurant that should at last, durably put Burmese cuisine on the Atlanta subway cart.

It is a modest looking place, a quadratic house in a run-down shopping centre that used to be called Hot Winglanta Fastfood. Although Mawi and Aung are kind and quite good at responding to question about the meal, they both leave the room for a long time to cook the cuisine.

It' the classical state of a mom-and-pop store, although Mawi and Aung are co-workers and not husbands. In 2001 Mawi came to the USA and worked at food stalls before he decided to open a restaurant. Aung who has been in the USA for less than two years learnt how to prepare food in his mother's restaurant in Burma.

Most of the meal is a reflection of what he serves there. Tealeaf is an exhilarating taste different from Burmese cuisine, both funny like seafood and light like a cucumber. The similarities will be obvious to lovers of Malaysia's root-canalai, but the galatas are completely different in structure, which seems to contain continuous, flaky, thin films, not dissimilar to laminating in crispy croissants.

This results in a loaf of crispy, crispy and somewhat sweeter loaf. And if the ?lah thoke? is a complicated tune, the plaatas are one big, satisfactory touch of ready convenience music. You must end your dinner with one of the various pasta dishes on the delicacy.

Pour a thin piece of thin plywood of white curve over tough, thick pasta and throw some pieces of poultry and cooked ovum to round off the meal. One of the more mild varieties is Kayay oh, an almost clear shell with stock and thin pasta, spinaceous vegetables, quails and a few meat balls from pigs.

Featuring this richness of intricate, intriguing and, it should be said, very accessible meals on the menus, you may be amazed that the one meal Royal Myanmar Cuisine promotes in its shop windows is "FRESH WINGS". Perhaps it is just another example of an old truth: the way it is eaten always changes a little in the place where it is made.

Do you think a Burmese meal should have on it? I' d say it makes sence in Atlanta. 1353 Brockett Road, Clarkston. Myanmar Royal Cuisine.

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