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Alameda Burmese Restaurant

Each plate reaches the elusive culinary balance of sweet, salty and sour, the taste of the Burmese sun. Myanmar restaurant in Alameda, California. One branch is bigger & has Burmese utensils that are missing in the O-branch. Check out the online menu of Burma Superstar and other restaurants in Alameda, California. Myanmar superstar has locations in Alameda, Oakland and San Francisco.

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l like this place. You should not miss marvellous gingerbread lettuce, many vegeterian dishes, great chilli prawns and the fermentations. Fresch quality raw materials, kind personnel, quick delivery. Both my man and I like this place for good cuisine, good services and a break from our traditional (but delicious) Californian cuisine.

My favourite restaurant is Burma Superstar. Lovin' all tastes. I can choose between salt and pepper chickens, plateau and dips or samusa's as an appetizer. Thailand tealeaf and chickensalad. So is the fried sesameen. After traveling to Myanmar, I can now say that Burma Superstar is not only an outstanding restaurant, but also an exact portrayal of Myanmar cooking.

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Burmese, the name of this meal means "hand-touched salad", which does not help to describe how deliciously exaggerated and colourful it is. There' s safranice, four types of pasta, kale, potatoes, toofu, parsley, roasted onion, roasted tomato, roasted onion.... You get the image. Many years ago Joycelyn had the ingenious plan to change his name to Rainbow Lettuce, and the name got in.

Burmese Superstar - Burmese Restaurant in Alameda

Lovin' the hot meat, ricotta chickens and lettuce! Good: Seaweed lettuce, wels and prawns. Poor: lettuce, steamsas, garlic pasta, crunchy chickens, walnuts prawns. Taste the cocco nut with the pan prawn. Tealeaf lettuce is so genuine and accurate. Genuine coctails and great lunches with the chickens with the mango.

Tealeaf lettuce is delicious. Prawns with spices and paddy are so good that you don't need anything else. Coquoise is astonishing. Simusa is a true happiness (especially for those seeking warmth at the table). It' all great, but make sure you get samples of SAMUSA SAUGE, tealeaf lettuce and lychee margarita.

This tea leaf lettuce is astonishing! The rainbow lettuce is astonishing and also the gourmet sop! Coquoise paddy was a good idea! The best soups were sampling and the Burmese aubergine crème! Crispy Spicy Chicken is so good! It was sooooo good with salmon lettuce.

This is my mother's favourite place in Alameda! Tealeaf was beautiful! Secluded, but very good wait. Tealeaf lettuce, Samusa broth must be tasted! It' all great, but make sure you get the lettuce. Tealeaf lettuce is astonishing. Fresh peppermint and coconut rice should be against the law!

You will not be dissapointed if you order the tealeafs! Minzhuhn was great! Tealeaf lettuce! Go get the noodles, coconuts. Suamosas are delicious. A must-have is coircote. Tealeaf lettuce will NOT fail. Taste the chick-kebat. Astonishing.

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