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Burmese cuisine restaurants in Ahmedabad. Have a look at the menu of Birmies, Ambawadi, West Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad. Reserve a table, order online at Burmese restaurants in Ahmedabad Street-Carnac Bunder, Mumbai. Explore Burmese restaurants in Ahmedabad, India with the help of your friends. Buy food online from Birmies Sindhu Bhavan Road Vastrapur and view the menu for home delivery in Ahmedabad.

Best 10 Burmese Cuisine Restaurants in Ahmedabad, Cafe

I finished my apprenticeship as a hospitality specialist here. Teaching by the expert cook was extraordinary and useful and they have been patient. It only took 4 month and received the certifications after the schooling. It' a five-star resort in Ahmedabad.

Myanmar restaurants in Ahmedabad Street-Carnac Bunder, Mumbai - Restaurants Myanmar Ahmedabad Street-Carnac Bunder

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Type the verifying key in the field below and click SEND. Hello, your data has also been passed on to affected offers. What are the best Burmese eateries near me on Ahmedabad Street-Carnac Bunder? The top 5 Burmese restaurant in your area are the Ahmedabad Street-Carnac Bunder: They can review evaluations, feedbacks, address, contacts, pictures, operating time.

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Pabrai's Fresh & Naturelle, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad Desserts Restaurant

Store 2, groundfloor, Chinmay Crystal Tower, opposite Vastrapur Lake, near Ahmedabad Haat Lane, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, time: dinner for two people: Pabrai's is the distributor of an icecream with headquarters in Calcutta. Downstairs there are desks and seats and downstairs there is a lounging area for those who prefer to relax and enjoy their icecream rather than a snack.

This showcase displays a wide range of sundaes that are categorised as Fluff with a Difference, Indian Flauff, Spice Flauff, Fresh Fruit, Exotic, Sugar Free and Fun Flauff. Because of this trademark is Kolkata base, some of the characteristic flavours use characteristic products of Bengalese like the Nalen Gur used Bengal's famed date tree JAGGERGIE as a dressing and the GANHARAJ lime is also loved on the eastern Indian coastline.

Bengalese candy is the inspirational flavour of Bengali candy. First, I began with Natural Vanilla, which had a rich, slightly smokey taste, and then I had Chandan, a cool sandal-wood egg with a delicate flavour. I like the South India coffeecream, but this one was too harsh with the icicle, so I had to sit for a while until it became soft.

There' s also flavored icecream that combines sweet and hot like gingerbread honeys, cinnamons, five spices and dark spices, and they even have whatabi icecream for those who like spicy aromas that encourage the nosepass. Melon, jackfruit and grape icecream are some of the genuine fruity icecream.

Pabrai's Fresh and Naturalle offers an outstanding selection of icecream in a wide selection of tastes. You also have a sugar-free selection of icecream in strong flavours such as roses and beans.

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