Burmese Python Mma

Python Mma from Burma

Burmese Python' Aung La Nsang Stop Alain 'The Panther' Ngalani Aung La Nsang, the homeland heroes, once again faced the big event on Friday evening and forced Alain "The Panther" Ngalani to step out in the first round of their open "super fight". One Championship midweight champions carried some blows from their counterpoise, but then he carried the taller man to the roar of a fierce locals mob.

The 21-10-year-old Nsang seems to be feeding on this hectic power - as he did in June when he won the Russian Vitaly Bigdash trophy - and he was moving fast to get the match on the court and away from the hands and toes of the four-time Muay Thai champions.

42-year-old Ngalani from Hong Kong (4-4), who hopes Friday night's effort will help him in his search for a ruling One Word heavy-weight kingship rival Brandon "The Truth" Vera (15-7), was completely shameless. He commended his adversary for taking on the battle - and for the way he dealt with the pressures that led to an action in the back yard of a statewide heroe.

Maybe reflective on the broken state of his home country, Nsang said the commraderie shown between the contenders should be used as an example. "Alain and I can stop our friend, it shows that any human being, any clan can be friends," Nsang said. Formerly on the map and it was another battle, another victory and another offshoot on the MMA leader for Miao "Supermum" Jie conquers.

It took the 30-year-old from Shanghai just 45 seconds to tear Amira "The Wandera" Hafizovic (1:1) into a pole that quickly knocked the Australian out of a straw. These are two matches with Asia's top MMA campaign for two victories - and less than two full minute in the overall box for Miao, who extended her overall sports records to 5-1.

Miao, on her one-season debut, aroused the fantasy of her country and took only 49 seconds to miss the Egyptian Mona Samir (1-4) in Shanghai in September. At the 2017 IBJJJF World Championship, Miao won a gold and on Friday evening summoned all the gripping forces at her command and threw Hafizovic onto the floor within seconds of the chime.

When Miao ran through the box to win, the sold-out audience went crazy, but she was quickly out of the limelight and behind the stage to take a call from her three-year-old Peanut, to whom she had pledged some goodies from the trophy money, should she victoriously come home.

Besides Miao, Zhang Zehao (2:0), Chen Lei (4:0) and Ma Haobin (8:1) won.

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