Burmese Proverbs by Kyi Oo

Myanmar Proverbs by Kyi Oo

Burmese's most famous proverbs for your reference on the list of proverbs site, a collection of Burmese proverbs and sayings. Not too high, so you won't make it. The Buddha diary pictures of U Ba Kyi. Kyi hmi kauk, kyi-htauk sut Download Burmese Proverbs by Kyi Oo.

Myanmar Proverbs and Proverbs

Proverbs and phrases are often used by the Burmese nation to make the point, make echoes and have vivid discussions. They will provide a glimpse into Burma's way of living, beliefs and tradition for explorers, academics and Burmese offspring who have grown up outside Myanmar.

Whilst the choice of proverbs and phrases in Burmese is authentic, my translation is written in German and French, preserving the words' initial use. Burmese rhyme and rhythmic beauties are best valued in the Burmese language.

  • A reference to a impolite individual who thinks that there is nothing false about misconduct and evil behavior. - You can' t tell the real nature of a nasty man until you know him well.

YWeaver2-tu2 G02 Lay3-za3, Ngeare2 G02 Tha1-na3 - Worship the Ancients, show contemporaneity to your contemporaries, be friendly to the boys - No further explanations are needed for this Burmese custom.

  • Covers certain young men who disregard the leadership of those who have fed them, but ask for help in difficulty.

kha 3 gha1 ma1 ma1 tun2 - An haughty little scarlet ants tries to overthrow the hill, but the waistline is feeble - There is a limitation to our abilities, and we must have the knowledge not to target something out of our grasp. The example is likened to a light coloured individual who can understand the whole picture with just one small clue.

It is possible for an organisation or a country to be destroyed by the behaviour or misconduct of a single individual or a small group of individuals . afet mÄ 1 Thi1 Wah1 tha1-mat Goo2 Tha1-kho3tin2 - A organism unknowing active vertebrate deliberation that a Myna (Tropical Asiatic Star) is a shepherd.

??? ?????????? | Hsin2 pain2 konjweare3 loop - A thin bull is still the height of a monster - When wealthy humans become poor, they are still the same.

? ??? ??????? ???? ????? |COPY0 ??????? ? ??????? ?????? ?????? |copy0 ??????_na1 yet, yay2 a-thet ta1 ma1-net - Live for seven whole nights; live for only one whole year. - Although it is possible to live seven whole nights without food (rice), a night without fresh air can be a death.

s3 yah1 hma1 leare2 geleare3 tare3 shnin1 shuttle - A piece of fried flesh on the ground - too fleshy to be thrown, too much grit to have.

  • It' a proverb with a phrase that gives us hopes of seeing the missing again and at the same moment consoling words about the deaths of a relative of the surviving one.

??????????????????? ????? | Pfweare2 goa2 haun3 Lo1 Hansan2 Coun3 M11 Ya1 - You can't get plain egg by hitting on the shell. - An untruly individual (compared to the shell) cannot become a decent individual in the group. ?? ?? ????? ??? | Pfoot mail ? ???? ?? | Pfoot mail 1yah1, da1-mah1 Saturday 3 - If you don't get the saurian, the choper is doomed.

  • An helicopter (da1-mah1) was thrown into the stream and killed in hunting the monitors (pfoot). That is how those who have made someone successful are forgot when that individual becomes known. This is how a hill was misunderstood and worshiped as a ram. mum. poot ha1 toun2-bo1 toun3 thi1 - A hill was misunderstood as a ram, until the great-granny came out.
  • A loatheable man was confused with a virtue until his unethical features came to the fore. - These proverb uses the dual connotation of the term Bi3, which is both the minus end as well as a mark or a pumpkin. That adage shows how improper it would be if an insulting individual instructed a scholar what to do.
  • It can also be explained that heavenly beings and great kingdoms have a tendency to defend the good men and to refuse the unethical men. This also means that we should keep away from the unethical and rescue the good when the chance arose.
  • Nature of the enviers who can't stand to see other human beings enjoy their lives.

A threat and trap for the ignorant is that one is satisfied with oneself and in contrast is not prepared for a much more powerful opponent. ???? ???? ? ????? ??? , ???? ???? Paper: Mai1hi1 Ta2 Knows, Mai1 Thir1 Ta2 Ket - Not to know is to have.

Well, the informant is digging it up. - Built on the tale of a not-so-bright figure who would one day become kin. - The ingenious man cannot prove his abilities because of the circumstance.

  • When one person retires and goes into the sundown of his lifetime, riches, power and titles have disappeared, and bodily force has worsened, just as the light has run out of the incense holder and burn.
  • There was rain once in a town with a bitterness. They went mad when the people of the villager were drunken over the bitterness of the rainwater. A certain man refused to drink the bitterness of the rainwater and he was the only sensible man in the town. At the end the man gave in, drank the heavy rains and became a maniac like everyone else.

"The rainwater is collected by the rainwater harvesting system "??????????? ??? |COPY0 ???? | Mon3 ywa2 yome3 yoay2 konhan2 - Collecting rainwater while it is raining. Zan2-gome2 a-kjwa3, Mau2-la1-myine2 a-sa3 - The Mandalay population is known for persuasion, Yangon for boasting and Mawlamyine for cuisine. - A ruthless individual is likened to a partially sighted individual who is blindfolded by the risk ahead.

These proverbs show the example of the meeting with a serpent, where the serpent was brought to a safe place and the man kept his illness unharmed. ??? ??????????? | Yo2 dhu2 mae 1 sht, mysin2 dhu2 sht - Defecator is not bashful, the visionary is miser. - He who is indecent in the open is not timid, but the audience is humble.

Since 2-Na1 hnin 1 thi2-la1 ma 1 pa 2 pa 2 thay 2 kha 2 hma 1 thi1 - Shortage of love and morality are deplored at the time of one' s deaths, just as the oblivion of a bottled drink and a slipper will end sadly in the summers.

  • Words from Burma are sometimes interpreted in different phonetic tones than they are written. - People who are least in need are luckier than those who are most in need. www.lu2-mite hrin1 ngway2 a-tu2 man1 naay2 - Unwise man and cash do not remain together.
  • Social standing and authorities of a given individual are likened to the ship over the sea.

? ? ?? ?? | Theare3 hateare3 Yaya2 Thon2 - Add a little bit of hot tapas.

  • The wasted amount of effort is likened to casting rain on the sands. - Birmanese calls fruit from mango and Banan tree stalks thit-thi3, and the fruit cultivated on grapevines such as Passionfruit and Grape is wa1-lun2. - The same background and education have similar trends.
  • The Burmese men used to hold their bristles long and tie them into a lump named Youn 2, while the ladies wrapped their bristles in a different way named za1-dome 3. - In the same way as in the US film, in which Coyote hunts the "Roadrunner" with forks and knives in his hands, the mythic birdship ga1-lone2 (Garuda) has developed a series of schemata to capture the kite without success.

That adage is used to make a joke of the despair of the opponents. ??? ????? | A-na2 mac1 ih1, hip3 mac1 shift1 - Unidentified symptoms, no recipes.

  • When you are an adult, your body is like a flat sea fishing.

At this point the Emperor had already named one of his grandchildren Alaungsithu (??????????? | A-loun3 Si2 Thu2) as successor to the monarch. ????????? ?????? | A-lo2 qji3 gah1 a-yah1 neeare3 - Greedy man has less in the end.

  • But what was won by unfair means is finally wasted. - Present Burmesque folk favourites. - Disloyal and insurgent subject to the kings or the land are likened to grubs who feed on theirskins. - People who face the difficulties remain quiet while others who have no deal get upset.
  • While pretending to behave normally, a scammer doesn't feel comfortable and looks unreal.
  • They are enjoying the peace and quiet of a home with kind owners. The Burmese government's papers often use this proverb to acknowledge the growing number of tourists coming to the state.

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