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Sitting, walking, or otherwise interacting with others depends on the status of each person present. English-German Translation of "Burmese" | The official Collins English-German dictionary online. When you read that there are no ATMs in Burma, you are probably reading a really outdated guide or an article written by a blind person. The Theravada Buddhism is the state religion of Burma, and after death a Burmese is usually cremated. That person who tortured him was not a Burmese soldier.

Describing a person in Burmese

Returning to Session 9, we learnt how to describe a person in relation to size, build, colour, attitudes and personality. We also heard how to say colorful words in Burmese from Unit 10. We' ll now be learning to describe a person in the form of clothes they wear, and also learning more words about general description of persons like "pretty lady", "old man", "little girl" and so on.

The present means that it is a person directly in front of you. As a joke as well as an excercise, I wrote a Burmese phrase maker / translator in PHP so that you can build the phrase combination yourself and see the phrase set. Do you recall the last lecture that said, "The man who wears a blank shirt"?

Let us now insert the bodily discription of this person. àu2 wah1 ji3 means "big fat man " and is used here as substantive "lu2-wah1 ji3". "Whiteness " can also be an adjective. No. For example, ffyu2 digh3 ain3-ji2 -- Hemd, which is knows. a-pfyu2-youn2 ain3-ji2 woot dta3 dare1 1 lu2-wah1-ji3-- the great big fatty man who wears a knows shirtd.

One of the important words to be remembered in this unit is the Partizip HTTPeare1, which corresponds to the Partizip [....ing], which transforms the verse "to wear" into "wearing" of the garment. Literarily, the term dta3 is either dthhau3 or dta3 becomes do1. Cultureal note: Getting adipose ("fat" as opposed to "thin") is something to be proud of.

A part of welcoming a person you haven't seen for a long while can be cho1 1a2 dare2 - you have become bold, which is a complement. At the other end, the opposite of pain 2thwa3eare2 - you are thin has become a sign of worry about someone's heath.

Here is a general equation that works with other bodily accounts, people and clothes. All you have to do is replace the necessary Burmese words as needed. ho2 (pronouns) means "that" in English. Replace the noun2 (xxxx youn2) with the color palette from the last unit.

Note that the current partizip added to the verb[---ing] is i. e. the current part.

If you choose e.g. "slippers/shoes" for clothes, you have to choose "shoes" from the pull-down menue. àxxx xoun2 (colour): Clothes: Clothing: Person: Person's description: to the general equation. ho2beare32-pain2-pain2-lay3beare2 onto the general equation. ho2beare32-pain2-lay3beare2 onto this thin guy with rose canopy?

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