Burmese Passport

The Burmese Passport

The Myanmar passport holders can also enter six other ASEAN countries without a visa: Under the regulations of the Vietnamese government, the Vietnamese immigration authority, all citizens of the world's countries and holders of Burmese passports can apply for visas to enter Vietnam. Present the required document to a police station or passport office. Authorities are planning to introduce biometric passports for Myanmar citizens, said Lieutenant Col Kyaw Nyunt of the Passport Issuing Department. The Truffle Hunt and the Burmese Surprise. By David Farley.

The Myanmar Times

The Khin Myat cannot contain their commotion. An upwardly mobile author, she seems to have boundless ambitions when she lists the lands she is hoping to be in. "She recently said to the Myanmar Times. There is only one issue - as a Myanmar resident, Ma Khin Myat has one of the most restrictive passes in the world.

The Myanmar passport holder can visit only 42 out of 218 possible destinations without the need for a visitor permit. It is a fact Ma Khin Myat is only too aware of. So far she has traveled to five different states and said it was "very difficult" to apply for some of the forums.

She had to go to the Foreign Ministry in Nay Pyi Taw and then to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Bangkok just to find out that her papers were wrong, Ma Khin Myat said. "Visa trials discourage youngsters like me from traveling," she said. The negotiation of these labyrinthic trials is a large part of Aung Myat Lwin's work.

For its customers, the orientental Century agency organizes various types of vouchers. "We often need a lot of documentation from our travelers," said Aung Myat Lwin. As of September 2015, Myanmar's residents no longer need a Myanmar citizens passport to Thailand when they arrive by plane for journeys of 14 or less nights.

As Aung Myat Lwin said, he has seen an increase in his trip to Thailand since then. The Myanmar passport holder can also visit six other ASEAN states: Myanmar and Myanmar: Since 2006, ASEAN member states have been debating visa-free travelling regulations for the whole block, but with little success. Unclearly, how much effort and resource the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) invests in new bilatelateral visa-free agreements.

Such agreements would also have financial advantages for both states. Myanmar Times approached the Australian, Japanese, Singapore, South Korean, British and United States missions to Yangon. All Myanmar travelers need a Myanmar citizens permit. The respondents did not indicate any immediate intention to amend the Myanmar visas regime despite the continuing policy and aggravation.

Spokespersons for the Messages of Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States, however, said they would continue to support the Myanmar population in navigating through their visas trials. In a more affirmative remark, Trevor Wilson, a former Myanmar Australia Ambassador who is now working at the Department of Political and Social Change at Australia National University, said the passport procedure has actually gotten underway.

Said the removal of the remaining penalties against Myanmar could lead to the passport gaining international importance. "The new NLD administration could[also] lead to an increase in the way some other nations treat Myanmar's passports," he said. Meanwhile, Khin Myat will continue to try to move despite possible entry barriers.

Said there will hopefully be a few more global postings on her travelslog.

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