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Government orders Palo Alto restaurants company to repay worker million in back rates | News

On March 4, 2014, a waitress erects the dinner room at Rangoon Ruby in Palo Alto. Holders of Rangoon Ruby and Burma Ruby restaurant were ordered by the state labour inspector's agency to provide $5 million in back paid salaries to his employees and fines to the state for thefts.

Breaches concern the six Burmese restaurant in the Bay Area and were reported in a press announcement by the California Labor Commissioner's Office on Thursday. In the case of Max Lee and John Lee, proprietors of Rangoon Ruby Investment LLC and Burma Ruby Investment LLC, 298 employees are required to contribute $4,394,118 for $4,394,118 in outstanding salaries, working hours and split-shift bonuses, lump-sum compensation and payroll breach.

You will also have to contribute $574,150 in civilian fines to the state. "Tackling peaks from workmen and paymaking by salaries to refuse them their hard-earned long hours is wages theft," said Labour Commissioner Julie A. Su in the disclosure. "It is our task to safeguard the right of employees to a fair daily wages for a tough working week and to stop those who accept wages stealing as a company policy.

Surveying the Burmese restaurants after Burmese employees complained about pay thefts to the San Francisco-based non-profit organization Asia Law Caucus, which promotes the law and citizenship of low-paid Asian-Pacific towns. This non-profit association also represented many of the employees who worked on the inquiry, according to the Labour Commissioner'sureau.

Investigations showed that 87 chefs who received a regular income in the six diners "typically" worked more than 10 hour extra work per week. 2. You will be providing $3. 8 million for unrequired hourly rates, reserve pay, column shifts (if an employee's work plan is breached up by nonpaid and non-working time frames created by the Employer and it is not a remainder or a meals period), paid damages, wait fines and error, exact itemizations, the state Labour Department said.

Vesting periods are penalised if an employers "intentionally does not cover all salaries due to the worker at the moment of separation", according to the Labour Representative's offices. In the case of a splitting layer, staff are eligible for a bonus of one hour's basic salary. According to the state employment agency, the other 211 server, hosting, dishwashers and fines in the food service industry were not covered every day, which took an additional day when their employers planned them for splitting-shifting.

Proprietors pay these laborers $590,072 for splitting and other salaries and fines due. As a rule, the employment office's enforcements investigation includes an examination of payrolls for the last three years to establish whether there are minimal payrolls, working hours and other labour offences and to assess due pay and fines, the state employment agency said.

Worker' s Office also quoted a Daly City Japan restaurant for more than $5. 16 million in payrobbery injuries involving more than 100 operatives. Yangon Ruby opened at 445 Emerson Street in 2012 and 326 University Ave in Burma Ruby just two years later. For work-related issues or grievances, the Labour Representative's Office, a unit within the State Departments of Industrial Relations, encourages staff to call the department's Call Centre in English or EspaƱol at 844-LABOR-DIR (844-522-6734).

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