Burmese or Myanmarese

Myanmaric or Burmese

Is it Myanmar or Burma, Myanmar or Burma? I personally prefer Burma/Burmese and still use it today. Heath and vaccination advice for Myanmar (formerly Burma) capital: Myanmar and a massive NGO punishment. It is the oldest and purest form of original Buddhism.

Myanmaric or Burmese (language)

Someone of Myanmar or Myanmar ancestry. From, from or in relation to Myanmar (formerly Burma), or its tribe or tongue. As I looked at other springs, I noticed a remark from a character who regarded himself either as "Burmese" or "Myanmar". For him, the word "Myanmarese" was not appropriate when it referred to persons in this group.

Myanmarese" or "Myanmese" should not exist. As a Burmese I like to call myself only "Burmese" or "Myanmar". Now I think the word is acceptable and used with good intent by those who talk about Myanmar, but apparently some don't like it.

How is Burmese different from Myanmar?

Myanmaric is synonymous with Burmese. From, from or in relation to Burma (or Myanmar), the Burmese nation or the Burmese langua. Burmese A Burmese or Myanmar national. Myanmar's Chinese and Tibetan alphabet. Aka Myanmar (this is the name favoured by the country's present government).

Myanmar's writing, in which the Myanmar tongue is spelled. Aka Myanmar. From, from or in relation to Myanmar (formerly Burma), its population or its langua. From Myanmar or of Myanmar ancestry.

Are Myanmar Burma or Myanmar residents preferred?

Yes, the word'Burma' was used by the colonising lands, especially when it was given by the British (now British), but we cannot contradict that one. For that is only the next thing to describe these and their country. When we look at how the Burmese describe themselves, they call themselves `bama', other ethnic groups call them all `bama'; in the Filipino phonem, the Filipino phonem (Tagalog), other vocals may sound different, but the first consonant phonemas are the same, only either the phonem `my' or `b'.

It' is either'myanmar' or'bama', which the Chinamen call'myan' beginning with the soundtrack. Thai people call it'Phama' and the first consonants don't differ that much from the sound'b', right? In Burmese, to be precise, the term "myanmar" is only used in writing, which means that only when they are writing do they use the "mya" tone, which is actually the same, to describe the term "b" in "bama".

myanmar' is the literal or it means the speech that'bama' folks use. even does not mean the'bama' folk. we never said'he is myanmar''she is myanma' in the old times. we only say'he is'bama''she is bama''. If we want to ask a man if he or she is speaking Burmese, we ask: Say "bama saga" or "myanma saga" like that. we never had a term like "myanma lumyo", which means "myanma ethnic, race oder human being". Therefore, if we want to know whether he or she is speaking Burmese, then we ask: Say "bama saga" or "myanma saga" like that.

when we want to ask a individual if they belong to'bama' we ask'are you'bama' or are you a'bama lumyo'? so. we don't say you'myanma'? but we have no option but simply to just blink and say'yes' when we go abroad, regardless of your nationality.

Today the youngsters are all being brainstormed by the Burmese army and they don't even know what they're saying... Only after SLORC changed the name from Burma to Burma, many Burmese think the way they want. Therefore, Burmese democratic symbol Ag Sun Suu Kyi said the term Burmese is just a literary description of the "bama" tribe (Burmese, without other non-Burmese ethnic groups). it has nothing to do with non-Bama (non-Burmese) population.

That is why I choose the term Burma when we have to describe the land, as I have no other option to find a term that describes all the other ethnic groups in Myanmar.

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