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This is a large online shop selling many international foods and products. US Burma Online Shopping, Yangon, Burma. Myanmar jade is available in different colours. The Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Office (G.S.

O.) website. The Burmese rubies are among the best in the world.

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Vessels of and sells by Yoma Myanmar. Colour: Myanmar lettuce with ferments. Burmese cuisine, Burmese foods and produce, Ferment teasalad, cucumber teasalad, Burmese teasalad, Myanmar cucumber teasalad, Myanmar cuisine. Liability Disclaimer: While we strive to keep the information on our website accurate, producers may occasionally change their ingredients list.

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Buy Burmese produce at Little Myanmar Mini Mart in Jackson Heights.

Packaged racks of instant-pasta packs, tins of chilli sauces, home-made prawn salads in wrapping, dry tealeaves, seafood sauces, and innumerable other lightly packaged spices, spices and snacks covering 96 sqm. New York City's only known spring for Myanmar dry goods is located at the back of Jackson Heights Shopping Centre, which hosts the beloved Lhasa Fast Food Caribbean cuisine.

When Thidar Kyaw works in a gourmet galley. In March she opened the Little Myanmar Mini Mart. With only Myanmar emigrants in her sights, she is amazed by the many Americans who visit her business. In Myanmar, also known as Burma, many have made holidays, others are just eager for their own food and cultural life.

Centimetres away from the roof there is a work of art from Myanmar hanging in an overcrowded balcony. Naomi Duguid's Burma is sitting in the showcase that balances the register: A colourful cookery book, a client who has given Thidar Kyaw a gift to show buyers how to prepare meals with the things she is selling. I like the way Myanmar eats and I always want the way Myanmar eats.

" Her countrymen longed for the lettuce and the conserved sweets of their home country. Ever since Kyaw settled in Elmhurst three years ago, her sibling Sandar Kyaw, who still resides in her home town of Yangon, is Kyaw's only supplier of dry and perishable delicacy.

It supplies everything from dry seafood to Tupperware jars full of snacks to satisfy kyaw's yearning. Every few despatches packages to Kyaw to meet the customer's unique needs for import. "They' re gonna make tea-leaf lettuce and pasta, and I' m gonna put it down and tell my sister," Kyaw said. She will also remain in the shop in the evening, if the clients can call before or not come in time from work.

Leaving work at nights, she still has a sense of security; that's part of why Kyaw Queens is in love. A few month ago Kyaw was an assistant in a T-shirt shop near Herald Square, where she stood on an injury to her ankles. It is backed by its neighbours, both Burmese and non-Burmese.

Burmese food in Queens is very seldom. Except for Sunset Park's Burma Noodle Bar and Burmese Bites, which appear on Queens International Night Market, Myanmar delights are almost unavailable to an expat. She dreams of opening her own diner, but "it's not easy," she said.

Scanning the colorful supply racks in a 12 x 8 foot room, cleaning up the rainbows of cellophanes with their shimmering golden nails and waiting for another client to come by, buying a pack of tealeaves and writing down Kyaw's tealeafs.

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