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Burmese figures

Study Burmese reading, writing and speaking with these free words and phrases about the numbers from one to ten. Myanmar terms that represent or refer to numbers of various kinds. The Burmese terms used to count objects. The Burmese numbers follow the Arabic numerical system. Get used to speaking words out loud, such as numbers, is a simple exercise that you can practice throughout the day, often and at any time.

Burmese numbers and mathematics

A lot of Burmese guys seem intrigued by 2 but numbers. It is not uncommon for Myanmar residents to seek out astrologists and select the most appropriate information for important events and work. Many have even created their own "system" to forecast the numbers!

One of the writers in a recent issue of Lonely Planet's Myanmar Travel noted that Myanmar residents are prone to exaggeration with numbers. You' ll always find someone who likes to show off. That is why the pronunciation za1-ga3 where za3 means exaggeration.

We' ll get to say 1,2,3 to 99,999,999 in Burmese. If you don't know, "9" was regarded as a happy number by a well-known Burmese casual. 1,2,3 in multiples of 10 like 10,20,30 and so on. the general formate is to include the term bseare2 after 1,2,3.

There are, however, minor changes in the languages used in debates 1, 2 and 7. Usually, if you have after, 3,4,5 and 9 zeros, folks softens the consonants when they are pronounced. 1,2,3 in multiples of 100 like 100, 200, 300, etc. the general form is the year2 after 1,2,3.

Say 1,2,3 in multiples of 1000 like 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. the general form is the term Htoun 2 after 1,2,3. Do you only recall the Burmese four-zero pronunciation. Don't mistake this for the thousand, hetoun2, which is in the second note.

When you are used to express these numbers in your own languages, you will need to readjust your study. Higher numbers are given in thai3. This is used as a basis for even higher numbers in multiples of 10, 100 and 1000 to this basis.

Thai3's use in the unity of one hundred thousand is similar to "lakh", which is often used with monetary equivalents in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong. Put the term tain3 after the numbers from 1 to 19. ta1-thain3 means 1,00000 = 100,000 = hundred thousand in English. hseare2-dthain3 means 10X the tain3 = 10,00000 = 1,000,000 = one million in English.

Put the keyword tain3 in front of the numbers from 20. Example: Thaiin3 means Hna1-Hear2 20X that Thai3 = 20,00000 = 2,000,000 = 2 million in English. Thaiin3 Ta1-toun2 means 1000X that Thai3 = 1000,00000 = 100,000,000. A thousand tain3 are a hundred million. When you have numbers 3,4,5,9 and 10 before zero, you can listen to those who make the words resound softer than the words that come from thhain3.

So how would you say 654321 in Burmese? They always begin with the highest multiples of 10X. This number has 6 numbers (with the digit for 5 following zeros), so begin with thai3. This is the term "hseare2" used for 10X, as used in 10, 20, 30..... But in Burmese, simply leave off tap1 in ta1-hseare1 (10+) for numbers from 11 to 19, like the following examples: throun3 is the name for " million ". chout-thun3 means six million.

However in the businessperson class, listen group discussion in term of a thain3 image with 5 zero instead. Sixty Thai3 or Thai3 chout-hseare2 are six million. So you don't have to worry about saying smaller numbers following the thain3 number like hytoun2 and ya2. No. And, folks usually round up the big numbers so you don't have to worry about saying smaller numbers following the htoun3 number like this.

Burmese daily "The Mirror" uses the phrase twice a year-la1-yan2-na2 for multimillionaire. Burmese uses the English borrowed lexicon Trillion as biblical phrase which means trillion as biblical2. GUIDELINES: The use of the English word'trillion' does not mean that the Burmese tongue is lacking words for very large numbers. Lesser-known for American Trillion is ??????? | pa1-kau3-en1.

There' s another popular application you should know. Kweare3 means half. Mathematically, there is an extra half value to the multiplicator. nga3 means for example nga3 denotes THOUN3 KHWEARRE3 55000. Let's calculate something: konhweare3 relates to half of the multiplicator you use in this case (1/2 * 10000= 5000).

Well, konhweare3 is the same as "half" in English when you say "A million and a half". chut thai3 konhweare3 means 6,50000. konhweare3 means half of the multiplicator you use; in this case (1/2 * 1,00000= 50000). yah1 dare2 -- to be received + confirmed.

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