Burmese Noodle Dish

Myanmar noodle soup

Sino burmese, pasta and curry duck (or pork) in broth with eggs. The pasta recipe comes from Ma Thanegi, a Burmese writer in Yangon, Myanmar, who described it as "so simple that it could be the worst cook in the world". This dish consists of thick, round rice noodles with chicken, thin slices of fish cake, semi-cooked bean sprouts and slices of hard-boiled egg. Many spices, vegetables and rice noodles make this soup enriched with coconut milk a real eye-catcher. A simple recipe for Burmese noodles with braised chicken legs, coconut milk and turmeric.

Burmese Superstar Shan Noodles

That Shan Noodle prescription from the new Burma superstar: Many people in San Francisco love the genuine Burmese food in the books and you can prepare it at home now! Shan Nodles was described by Kate as a kind of Burmese Bolognese so we had to try it out. This is why we have chosen Pad Thai pasta because it is easily available.

Also Kate proposed to use grinded chickens' legs if you don't want to bother with hacking the buttocks. Professional tip: If you buy chilli peppers, make a record of which pungency you buy. We' ve tried them a few time and we had 70,000 units of heaters at our disposal, which was far too high.

It is recommended to use a mild version of our famous Kayenne so that you can enjoy the flavours in the dish (or, if your Kayenne is particularly pungent, use half of it). Also, be sure to use normal peppers, not to get too warm or burn. Use your palms to blend the chickens with peppers, gayenne, turmeric, powdered five spices, sea salt and chili crunch.

Marinade the hen at room temperatur while preparing the other components. Warm the fat in a large saucepan over moderate to high temperatures. Fry the onion, adding it, adding it, stirring from time to time, until the onion is soft and the sides turn to a light colour, about 4 mins. Mix in the cloves, lower the heating to moderate level and continue cooking for 3 mins.

Put in the hen and boil while constantly agitating until the hen is done and the dressing (thanks to the paprika) looks strong and deep reddish, about 7 mins. Reduce the temperature if the floor darkens too much. Switch off the heating and mix in the sojasauce. Season to taste, if necessary increase with additional salted or salted beans ('soy sauce' should have a firm flavour because the pasta is unseasoned).

Make a saucepan of boiling hot casserole. Stir in the pasta and simmer with the sticks for 9 to 12 min or until they are soft but still tough, according to the thickness of the pasta. When the pan begins to simmer, pour in a small amount of cooler to alleviate the overheat.

Strain in a sieve and briefly wash under cold flowing mud. Shaking the strainer to eliminate surplus moisture. Put the pasta in a preheated dish. Drizzle the chickens and the whole gravy on top and strew with groundnuts and onion.

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