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Kyaymon Burmese Newspaper

Find out why List of Myanmar newspapers and news websites about business, travel, health, jobs, education, politics and entertainment. You can read the free Burmese daily Kyaymon (????

?) from Myanmar: Asia. Kyaymon Kyaymon Kyaymon Akhbar Newspaper ePaper Today Edition Read Online Free Publishing in Burmesisch (?????) Aus Myanmar. KYEMEMON (Burmese: ???????; also known as Kyaymon) (The Mirror) is a Burmese national daily newspaper based in Yangon, Myanmar. KYEMEMON (Burmese: ???????; also known as Kyaymon) (The Mirror) is a Burmese national daily newspaper based in Yangon, Myanmar.

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Since some of the initial "The Mirror" ("Kyemon") data is quite large (more than 10MB), we have been reducing it until about 2 years ago with the help of OCRoftware ("Optical Character Recognition"). Since those flattened data may contain fonts or other mistakes, we have also included the initial (and authoritative) data upload.

You have three ways to read this newspaper. The OCR'd release, which is generally the main one and ends with at the end of the thread, is a scaled down release, NOT in genuine format, but legible and lasts about 30 seconds to 1min.

The alternative, pristine release, which does not have a suffixed prefix, includes an extra step because it does not open the file but prompts the user to select the appropriate application. At the moment we just load the originals.

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Kyemon, along with Myanmar Alin, is one of two Burmese speaking nationwide papers in the state. Myanmar Alin tends to bear more histories of interest, while Myanmar Alin is more focused on the publication of goverment spreads.

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It' a state newspaper together with Mynamar Alin, under the government's supervision. In general, Burmese journals, and Alin included, are full of newsmaganda. Usually, these folks just reads these documents for ads and notices that contain weddings and ceremonies notices. It became very well-loved by the general community for the publication of messages of general interest.

An e-paper copy of this newspaper is available on Myanmar.com.

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Bi-lingual (English and Burmese) newspaper located in Yangon. Myanmar Consolidated Media Co. A Myanmar newspaper with a focus on topical policy topics. Mizzima also has a press office in Chiang Mai. Myanmar Alin was established in 1914 and is one of the oldest dailies in Myanmar.

Myanmar Burmese newspaper in Yangon, Myanmar. It focuses on fun, educational, places, human beings, arts, cultures, literature, religions, technologies, trade, farming, horoscopes, films and the world. Yangon, Myanmar. Established in 1914 the newspaper in the possession of the Ministry of Information. Focus on finances, economy, meteorology, sport, current events, hotel, tourism, airlines and Myanmar government information.

Burmese voicemail group headquartered in New York, USA.

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