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New Burmese Movies

Aye Sue Maung,Nan Khay Mo,Myat Noe Aye, Htoo Paing Zaw Oo, Psychological Thriller Drama, new director with new actors and actress. They include the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. I' d like new generations of Burmese students to choose history as their field of study, and maybe this film could only inspire one or two". Myanmar language and dialect information. - Name is Gene Warner, Buffalo News.

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It is a unique insight into the 2007 Myanmar insurrection through the camera of the unrelated group of journalists, the DemoV. Astergaard initially wanted to make a small half-hour portrayal of a young Burmese videographer, aJoshuaa, a member of an subterranean community of campaigners who are risking their life every day to record the depressing circumstances in the state.

Then, in September 2007, a series of disorderly incidents brought about by the Buddhist monks' revolt against the Burmese army junta not only put the Burmese videoreporter to the point of giving up their lives, but also compelled the Dane film-maker to restructure his film. As 100,000 individuals (including several thousand Buddhist monks) took to the street to protests against the country's oppressive regimes, which kept the land as hostages for over 40 years, overseas intelligence teams were forbidden to access the land and the web was closed.

Burma's DemoDemocratic Voice, a group of 30 anonym and subterranean videographers (VJs), captured these historical and tragic happenings on mobile cameras and snuck the material out of the countryside and broadcast it via satellites around the world.

A new movie recounts the tale of a Burmese actress who became a societal campaigner.

In Seattle, Kyaw Thu, as part of a two-month concert to show the autobiographic feature length feature length feature "Walking a Fineline ", says he survived state monitoring and harassment for his campaign. He may have played years ago, but Kyaw Thu, the main character in Burmese cinema, still keeps the room like a filmtaract.

Thu, who is in the city for a two-month concert as part of his autobiographic film " Wandering a Fineline ", has the kind of gravel and sparkling eye that can be easily transferred to a big canvas. He and his spouse and James, a Boeing technician who was a translationist.

"They' ve hit our'Brangelina'," joked Pwint Htun, a Burmese American telecoms consultant and Burmese American, who brought Thu and his Burmese counterpart Myint Myint Khin Pe, also known as Myanmar, to Seattle. She wouldn't be far away by their standards - that is, if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had suffered years of state supervision, blacklists and casual detentions for their work in one of the world's harshest armed forces.

" This is how he described his trip from film celebrity to society leader, which began with poor publicity. "This film did not contain the truths about the student and their suffering," says Thu, who rejected a series of parts that exalted the army or demonised minorities.

His non-cooperation - in addition to showing support for his fellow detainees - was confronted with an increase in the number of his films censored, a black list of accolades and continuous monitoring of his own lives. This vocation led him and his family to found the Free Funeral Service Society in 2001. However, this work was also seen as a menace to the army rule.

In 2007, problems arose again when he and his spouse argued for the Buddhist monks' outcry. Until 2015, when a groundbreaking elections introduced a new government and the end of a few years before that, the Free Funeral Service Society had added a hospital, a hospital building and civil protection to it.

Then, always the naughty filmstar, he unrolls his jeans sleeved to get a tattoos of a self-composed poet.

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