Burmese National Dress

National costume of Burma

The Myanmar folk costume consists of two sets, one for men and one for women. Sequined gold dress, Sequined gold dress, Batik dress, Traditional dresses, Myanmar Traditional dress, African dress, Myanmar dress design, Kebaya, Asian ladies. Myanmar is the national language. Picture courtesy of National Archives of Thailand. A Burmese in national costume with a flag.

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The national costume: long existing in the company, administration and business, both men and woman, who wore close clothes named Longyi, inclusive neck-covered shirts and dressed clothes, double slanting heels. Men's 2 -ply cardigan, soft knobs, light-coloured clothes during the day, light colour at nigh.

Turbanless girls. There''s a minorities in their old-fashioned outfits. Burma's folk costume, like the Myanmar banner, is a symbolic expression of the nation's uniqueness and nationalism, which leaves a profound impact on those who have already travelled through Myanmar. Myanmar's man and woman's dress.

Nearly all of them have their own folk clothing that represents their own cultures, traditions and traditions. As an example, Vietnam has Ao Dai (long dress), Japan has kimono, South Korea has Hanbok........ Myanmar is no exeption with its folk attire named Longyi - Taipa. Burma's folk attire is a symbolic expression of the country's singularity, friendliness and friendliness, which leaves a profound impact on those who have already travelled through Myanmar.

Myanmar's folk costume includes two kits for both Burmese men and Burmese girls. Longgyi (sewing trousers and trousers ) is the name of men's clothing, which is a great pairing of the shirts or jackets named Taipon (traditional clothing). There' s an interesting point is that the men's dress was lazy and quite casual; therefore, when they have to move around a lot, they often have to adapt the skirts.

Men's 2 -ply cardigan, soft knobs, light-coloured clothing during the day, light colour at nigh. The Burmese women's clothing is thummy. It' quite similar to Laos or Thailand' s dress. You don't carry your turbans like men do. Burmese men and Burmese men are both wearing flip-flops.

In addition to wearing folk costumes, Myanmar residents often dress in Western costumes, and when they are wearing a suit, they are wearing them. The Burmese often blend Longyi with other garments, from T-shirts, blouses, coats to workwear. In principle, folk costumes are often used for festivities or national celebrations.

Myanmar's folk costume, however, is a regular feature of everyday living. First of all, the temperature in this land is quite high, so the costume materials are designed to make us enjoy ourselves. Second, as noted above, these pieces of clothing are very easily mixed with other articles. Third, the Burmese costume structures and styles are very basic, so they are easily put on and off when needed in everyday living.

It also becomes a multi-functional object if necessary; for example, they can be raised to be used as a "raincoat", "UV sunshirt"... or Burmese woman can register it to create a sturdy substratum for the transport of goods (fruits, ricesacks, food) without having to hold it with their hand. Obviously, the way the Burmese wear the Burmese tradition is not euphistic and does not correspond to their outfit.

Myanmar holidaymakers can see that Burmese girls seldom use make-up, even on a particular occassion in their state. Therefore the tourist will surely have the impression that everything is so easy and tranquil and that they are always welcomed by kind and sincere Myanmarans. Going on Myanmar trips, wearing their folk costume and interact with the locals promise to be an memorable one.

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