Burmese National Dish

Myanmar national dish

Mohinga is considered the national dish of Myanmar and is rich in fish soup prepared with rice noodles throughout the country. Noodles are one of the most popular dishes in Myanmar. Burmese Mohinga. The Mohinga is a Burmese rice noodle soup, not unlike many other rice noodle soups in Southeast Asia, like Pho and Laksa. I' ve chosen one of my favourite dishes, which is also one of the national dishes of Burma (Myanmar):


It'?s difficult to starve on the roads of Yangon or Mandalay. Suppose you don't object to seafood from a trolley. Considered the national dish of Myanmar, it is rich in seafood broth prepared with pasta and rices throughout the state. There are recipes that vary according to local taste and ingredient, but you will find a common variation in the southern part of the land, where there is a lot of freshness in the game.

In order to make the stock abundant and resistant, the sellers mix garnish with a variety of vegetable and spices, among them onion, lemon grass, clove, cloves of garden onion, green pepper, gingerbread and bananas, and then boil it in seafood sauces. Once the pot has been combined with the noodles, the dish can be garnished with a range of additional ingredients such as crunchy French fries, chick peas or a cooked eggs, which means that each cup of mussinga, like every single Myanmar event, is inimitable.

Cycling through the luxuriant landscape, stroll through old towns and stunning sanctuaries, or swimming in a river boat on our Myanmar Active Expedition, we take in the land at a speed that mirrors its softness. Because of its appeal, you will seldom - if ever - find it.

Sells by traders and kiosks, Myanmar's roads are full of them. Myanmar's de facto national court's initial suppliers wander the roads, develop repeat clients in certain areas - and often return once the rapport is up. Usually, these wandering salesman carried a dumpling rod with a kettle on one side and noodles on the other.

Recently, Trishaw's like the one shown in the above image have also become quite common - they carry all the necessary components for a breakfast buffet, minus the lower backache. For both cases, the stock is kept hot in the kettle and mixed with the pasta and other fillings according to the customer's order.

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